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Quotes: Twofer Token Minority
"Now let me introduce to you my team: Disabled Ethnic, Teenage Poofter, and Woman. Don't talk to them, they're just here to tick boxes."

"The ideal quango appointee is a Black Welsh disabled woman trades unionist. We're all looking for one of them. You don't happen to know any one, do you?"

"I'm black. I'm Jewish. I'm Puerto Rican. When I move into a neighborhood I wipe it out."

[My employer] had to shape up their employment practices to keep this Defense contract. They managed to pack six women, two blacks, two chicanos, an oriental, a paraplegic and me into a total of eight hirings. We all count in at least two categories, you see.
Reba McClane (blind and female), Red Dragon

Stephen Colbert: On stage, the Democrats trotted out every race, creed, color, sex, and identity, and that's just congressional candidate Tammy Duckworthnote ..
Tammy Duckworth: (from video clip) My name is Tammy Duckworth. ... My father served in the Army and the Marine Corps. ... My mom is Thai and Chinese. ... I became one of the first Army women to fly combat missions in Iraq.
Colbert: Duckworth: Female, Disabled, Thai, Chinese, and a Veteran? That's not a convention speaker, that's Diversity Voltron!
The Colbert Report, about the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Christopher Titus: (to his young daughter) There's a lady newscaster. Look, see, she's black, Asian, Latino, and a woman. I think that's because corporate America doesn't seem to like to hire a lot of minorities, so they try to hire all their minorities in one.
The Fifth Annual End of the World Tour

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