Quotes / Troubled, but Cute

Molly: JD, you just don't have that edgy mean streak that I'm attracted to.
JD: {Shoves Turk into the bushes as he walks by} You were saying?
Molly: Sorry. I'm attracted to damaged, dysfunctional people, and you're just too normal.
Scrubs, "My Last Chance"

Hawke: So, that explains your whole sexy-tortured-look.
Anders: Perhaps I should check a looking-glass more often.

Fenris: I don't "brood".
Varric: Friend, if your brooding were any more impressive, women would swoon as you passed. They'd have broody babies in your honor.

"Oh, Buffy! I love you so much I almost forgot to BROOD!"
- Wesley mocking Angel

(262): But he's like a baby bird with a broken wing that I want to FUCK.
- Texts From Last Night

Diana: I see. No dating for the Batman - it might cut into your brooding time.
Bruce: One: dating within the team always leads to disaster. Two: you're a princess from a society of immortal warriors. I'm a rich kid with issues - lots of issues.

Nobody will ever understand the torment I feel. The torment of an extremely attractive ninja who is lusted after by pretty much every girl he's ever met. Mine is indeed a tormented existence. Filled with torment. And girls. Girls with their breasts. They torment me so.
Sasuke via LittleKuriboh

"You can't not like a guy with that much pain in him....You know how a dog will be mean and snarl at you, then you pat him, and he's all over you with affection?"
Elia Kazan on James Dean