Quotes / Trigun

"This world is made of love and peace!"
Vash's Catch-Phrase

"You killed them! YOU DIE WITH THEM!"
Vash the Stampede while holding Monev the Gale at gunpoint

"Man is nothing like God; not only are our powers limited, but sometimes we are forced to become the Devil himself."
Nicholas D. Wolfwood

"Come on, it's time to choose. You have free will."
Legato Bluesummers to Vash before forcing Vash to kill him in the anime

"You seem to think you havenít killed anyone, but Iím afraid you're very sadly mistaken. Youíve managed to fool no one but yourself. You want to believe that, because your hands arenít dirty, because you personally didnít pull the trigger, that youíre innocent. When in actuality, youíve killed countless people, including the Gung-Ho Guns and your friend, Nicholas D. Wolfwood."
Legato gives Vash a scathing rebuke, "Sin" (Episode 24)

"After 15 years, are you still holding on to that ridiculous nonsense? That fantasy world created for you by a woman who lived and died by contradiction?"
Knives to Vash, in a flashback

"Make Vash suffer. Make him suffer for all eternity."
Knives' orders to Legato in the anime's final episode, in a flashback