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Quotes: Trickster Mentor
It is simple, Chan Sen, you can kill me and avenge your master... or you can listen to me and surpass him.
Master Liu Wong, How I Killed Your Master

Information learned is more valuable than information given.
Al Mualim, Assassin's Creed I

Lobsang: Well, I just... I thought... well, I just thought you'd be teaching me more, that's all.
Lu-Tze: I'm teaching you things all the time. You might not be learning them, of course.

I am not sure that the best way to make a boy love the English poets might not be to forbid him to read them and then make sure he had plenty of opportunities to disobey you.
C. S. Lewis, On Stories and Other Essays

Twilight Sparkle: You realize this is information we could've used hours ago?!
Discord: And rob you of a valuable lesson about being princess? What kind of friend do you think I am?

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