Quotes / Trick Arrow

"And Black Canary said a buzz-saw arrow was self-indulgent!"
-Green Arrow, Justice League Unlimited, "To Another Shore"

''"Do it again! Do it again!"
Random player in City of Heroes when seeing a Trick Arrow specialist for the first time.

"These kinds of characters slay me. The ones that are named after a singular Weapon of Choice and all they have going for them is variations of the same item over and over again. Just once I'd like to see a guy named The Frisbee whip out a gun and just shoot the pursuing superhero in the chest."
- Zenrage of Mightygodking.com on one of the many non-archer varients of this trope, Javelin.

"Net arrows! Boxing glove arrows! How about Just! One! Pointed! Arrow! Dad!"
-The second Green Arrow, not enjoying his hand-me-downs.

Harley Quinn: Why do you need a boxing glove arrow?
Green Arrow: Because sometimes I want to punch someone who's a really long way away.
Harley: Agh. Tell me about it!