Quotes / Tragic Monster

"Edward, why does it hurt here?"

He remembers enough of his life to weep for what he has lost.

"End the story that has lost its hero!"
Rex Cavalier to the protaganist's, Hellsinker

"Yes We are Prayer.
Flesh of steel, blood of tar, heart of stone.
We are reduced to broken machines crying out for salvation.
No doubt the creaking of our bodies weaves prayers.
We await the time when all becomes futile—"
Hellsinker, Spirit Overload ending.

"Show me mercy from the powers that be
Show me mercy from the gutless and mean
Show me mercy from the killing machines
Show me mercy, can someone rescue me?"
Muse, "Mercy"

"Crazy madmen on a leash or young men who lost their way?"
Sabaton, "Wehrmacht"

You should have thought of this before, are the words all sloshing in the inside of your thinkpan when you lie back on the floor. Your motherfucking best friend was always up in your case about quitting the pies, and you wanted to make him happy, really you did. And you really should have thought of trying before now, when he wasn't all of being around being his tiny little breakable self where the thoughts in your head keep telling you about it over and over.
If you put the hurt in your brother, you'll just you'll up and throw yourself into the sea, is what you tell yourself while you stare up at the ceiling, your guts all twisted up and cramping and asking for pie. And then you squeeze your eyes shut until they hurt because your thinkpan is trying to conjure up a thought of his little thin arm bent all out of shape, and it's horrible, and you're horrible.
Sober!Gamzee, Cultstuck

"Mission Objective: End Fergus's/Wyatt's suffering."

(monstrous voice)AND NEXT WE'LL TAKE OVER EQUESTRIA! (Cadence's voice) But... I just wanted to protect the Empire. Shiny, I'm scared. I want-(monstrous voice) -TO DESTROY ALL OF YOU TRAITORS!
Uber Cadence, Ask King Sombra

Cent: These aren't your children anymore! It's a monster!
Two: Then why are they screaming? Why are they crying? WHY ARE THEY CALLING OUT TO ME!?
Drakengard 3, vs Homonculus

With that, Grogar went silent. Adagio was left alone with the poor, sobbing soul, who began to babble small prayers under her breath.

Adagio set her salivating jaw tightly closed, determined to control herself, determined to not give in.

To her credit, she lasted nearly ten hours.

Perhaps mercifully, by then, the hunger had become so powerful that Adagio was barely conscious of her actions... or of the screams that came afterward.