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Quotes: Too Soon
"Comedy is tragedy plus time. For instance, the night Lincoln was shot, you couldn't make a joke about it, but now it's fair game, see?"
Lester, Crimes and Misdemeanors

Dean: Too soon?
Sam: Yeah, Dean. I'm pretty sure six seconds is too soon.

"Peter, your excuses are lamer than FDR's legs. [everyone gasps] ...too soon?"
Brian Griffin, Family Guy

"Oh, he's just doing his Heath Ledger impersonation. Too soon, Roger, too soon!"
Stan, after seeing Roger convulsing on the floor, American Dad!

"The pilot of that plane must have been JFK Jr.! Oh, even I found that one to be in bad taste."
Stewie Griffin, Family Guy, "Brian the Bachelor"

"Does he let himself down slowly? Nope, flails around like Saddam at the end of a noose. [audience groans] Is it too early for Saddam jokes? you guys miss Saddam?"
Daniel Tosh, Tosh0

"This movie is about Bruce Lee—the actual guy, not a character he played—dying and going to hell. It begins with his corpse (played by Bruce Leung) getting a boner. Sure, it turns out that it's really just his nunchucks (happens to us all the time) and the intention is to make us laugh, but when you consider that the actual Bruce Lee only died a few years prior to The Dragon Lives Again, you've got to wonder if the most respectful way to honor his legacy is casket-boner jokes. Actually, you don't have to wonder about that at all."

"The way that the camera pans over the dead bodies is particularly tasteless and cruel, especially considering this film was released after the July 7th bombings, which must have made British audiences feel even more uncomfortable."
Film Brain on Final Destination 3's ending scene

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