Quotes / Too Good to Last

It's better to burn out than to fade away
Neil Young, "Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)"

Scratch: By order of Dr. Robotnik, this program is canceled!
Grounder: Yeah! Your ratings are too good!

Life Guard: [adult swim]!
"What matters finally is not the world's judgement of oneself but one's own judgement of the world. Any writer who lacks this final arrogance will not survive long in America. That wide graveyard of stillborn talents which contains so much of the brief ignoble history of American letters is a tribute to the power of a democracy to destroy its critics, brave fools and passionate men."

"Heat Vision and Jack. Produced by Ben Stiller back when he was an under-appreciated genius, it's about a man who gains super intelligence in sunlight (played by Jack Black) who rides a talking motorcycle (played by Owen Wilson). Ron Silver, the bad guy from Timecop, played himself: an actor and superagent sworn to track down Jack Black. It's probably the most famous show that never got made, and the hardest thing we'll have to explain to our grandchildren when they ask why television is made for Mencias, which is how they will say "tards" in the future."

"Ah, Carnivàle. The crack in my heart, the tear on my pillow, the cut that never healed. Not because it was a bad show, but because it was the most beautiful show ever made, and was cruelly cut down in its prime by HBO, never to return, and never to fully whisper its secrets into the world’s ungrateful ear.... Brother Justin’s speech about bankers, politicians and whores, Ben’s encounter with the roadside hunchback, and Mama Cootch pouring water over her spectacular knockers – just like Marilyn, it’s clear that the reason Carnivàle died is because it was just too beautiful to live."