Quotes / Tongue Trauma

"You wouldn't say much either if you'd caught a bullet in the tongue!"

"He sends a rider, tells me I must leave my own keep to grovel at his feet. I sent the man back, but kept his tongue. It's nailed to that wall there."

"Do not try to speak, my friend, it will only cause you pain. Nod if you have done what I have asked. Good. It takes a while to adjust, I know. When I employed your father, it took him years to lose the instinct to talk... but it will get easier: by the time he died, it was as if he had forgotten that he had once had a tongue to remove, and you will come to feel the same."

"Mind your tongue...or I'll have it removed."
Star Trek: Voyager, "Darkling"

I see Ill have to take drastic measures to ensure intelligent conversation around here.
Dread Empress Maledicta II, before having the tongues of the entire Imperial court ripped out, A Practical Guide To Evil

It was a basic Remaking. We took that little traitor's legs and put engines in their place, but I made sure to do a little extra. Reshaped a suckered filament from some fish-thing's carcasse, put in place of his tongue. It'll fight him. Can't kill him, but his tongue'll hate him till the day he's gone. That was my present to Jack.
That was what I did at work today.

"Shhh, shh... You weren't putting that tongue to any use, anyway. Truth be told, I was just tired of licking my own stamps."
Richard Trager, Outlast

Whatever service she performs, Lila demands a single kiss, deep and sensual.
While it lasts, it's wonderful.
Suddenly, the woman bites down and rips the man's tongue from his mouth. As he recoils, she grasps her own tongue, tears it from her mouth and stuffs it into her victim's face. The djinniya's tongue binds in place instantly, and from that day forward, he cannot speak without uttering great lies or horrible truths. As for Lila, she disappears with the man's old tongue; according to The Second Key Of Ablamerch, the demoness has a hall in the Pit of Dusts where the walls are decorated with the tongues of her old conquests. Sometimes they sing to her, or scream lullabies in unison. Occasionally, she takes them down, dries them in the heat outside, grinds them into powder, and mixes them into love-potions and liar's brews.

I reached into his mouth, past his gnashing teeth, and pulled out his tongue. He reached for it as I extracted it, so I handed it to him.
A Dry, Quiet War, by Tony Daniel.