Quotes / To Serve Man

Sheppard: Fruit bowl - nice touch.
Todd: Well, we picked them up on our travels. I thought it would make our discussions more comfortable. I hope they prove as delicious as the farmers who grew them...

"Why humans?", you ask? Well, in addition to being valuable slave labor, humans are delicious and nutritious!
Alien Overlord, Calvin and Hobbes

Humies are a bit like big pigs, they squeal like 'em too. Stunties are coarse and gritty, nasty things, best avoided, but they do scream good if yer can be bothered to keep 'em alive when you roast 'em; they'll keep yer goin' if yer can't get nuthin' else. Elvses are a bit strange too, bit of an aquired taste, I like 'em but a lot doesn't. Halflings though, not a lot of eatin' on 'em yer might think, but that big fat gut makes for great steaks.
Flabgask, cook to Warlord Grubnash, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay