Quotes / Tidal Wave 17


"I'm here but my brain is somewhere else today."

"Dream a little dream of me."

"Lets see..."

"And just like that, a thousand fangirls heads exploded."
Reaction to the Klaine kiss.

"I can talk with people outside of school if I want, its just that I'm a senior. In less than a month, we'll graduate, go to different colleges, get jobs, and families, forgetting each other, left with only memories. Memories hurt. "
My response to having friends in Real Life.

Me: "I'm in a very philosopical mood today, just read an awesome fanfic which made me think. Not in just say what random little thought pops into my head way like I normally do, but actually thinking thoughts and considering them way!"
Nathaniel The Seeker: "Then impact me with your newfound insights."
Me: "Okay: How come as we age, we instantly believe some of the things people we respect tell us? Yes, they are our role models, but they are human, too.

If a person says "Santa doesn't exist" or "birds don't worry about the same kind of things we do", how do they know? Just because a person says a birds brain works one way doesn't mean it actually does work that way. For all we know, the birds outside our house could be worrying over whether it'll rain tomorrow or if they're feathers are so fluffy it makes them look fat.

And maybe Santa isn't still alive, but isn't there the possiblity that weeks before Christmas, that little voice you hear in the back of your head telling you one person would like one gift better than the other is Ol St. Nick himself? Maybe some people are just better at hearing him than others.

Sometimes it seems like we have two brains, or two thought processes going on in our head, or at least I do. Most of the time, its like my main brain is in hibernate mode, watching out a window at all my other little thoughts that slowly swim to the surface. Other times, I'm actually using that part my brain that's in hibernate mode, and I just feel so in the moment, like I'm actually here and not stuck somewhere between reality and not reality.

And those are my insane ramblings. Feel free to call the people in the white coats who want to take me to happy land for some sleepy time."
Me on revealing the depth of my insanity.

"I consider this forum more of a family than my real family."

inane242 pretty much sums me up.

"My mom talks to much. Sometimes I get annoyed with her, but she is actually very open minded and willing to help you when you need it.

My dad is pretty cool. He's a bit of a hypocrite and tends to overreact, but otherwise, he's cool.

I'm actually pretty lucky."
Me describing my parents. It was a good day.


And I'm totally counting on that, Tidal.
nekoalexa, my forum sister.

"I saw a light in the sky.

Thought it was my salvation, tried to wave it down.

It was a plane instead.

I was sad.

"Tidal, you whore! >:["
I'm a whore.

"You are like the most homosexual considerate person ever. Its fine."

"...oh, poor, crazy, sexy-cute Tyler Wave... :P"

Me: "According to my mother, I'm drinking too loudly.
She says they my stepfather can probably hear it from the bedroom.


"Oh, really, Tendo? Well then...
-Knocks Tendo out with a hammer-
I may not be able to do that to my mother, but at least I can do it to you! >8D"

"My boyfriend knows martial arts."

"I have nineteen years of homicidal rage built up and mother issues.
I could take out the entire state if I wanted to."

"Dear God.."

"That's right. You can try to run... But its already too late...
   Hee hee~   

"All the girls on this site are beautiful, but they're always too young, too old, in a relationship, not interested, or lesbian hispters. :("