Quotes / This Is Unforgivable!

(Nearly every episode):
*Insert description of crime here*! and furthermore, *insert description of further crime here*! These crimes are... UNFORGIVABLE!

(On rare occasions where he is unable to deliver the full speech for whatever reason):
At any rate, UNFORGIVABLE!
Yattarou, Cat Ninden Teyandee

Aku wa YURUSAN! (Evil cannot be forgiven!)
Kim Kaphwan, The King of Fighters

The difficulty of this case lies in its unprecedented scope. And make no mistake, we are witnessing an atrocious act of mass murder, one that is unforgivable.
L, Death Note

SOUTHER! When I get done with you, there will be nothing left!!!
Kenshiro, Fist of the North Star, in response to Souther's most despicable act.

This will stop! I will pay you back! Because for one such as you, forgiveness is never an option...
Achika Masaki, Tenchi Muyo! In Love, calling out Kain.

Bugs... must... PAY!
Raphael just because he hates bugs THAT MUCH in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003 cartoon), Episode 47

You'll pay for this, Shredder! If it's the last thing I do, you will pay. (blasts at Shredder with his exo-suit's shoulder cannons, screaming in anger all the while)
Donatello to Future Shredder after witnessing Future Michelangelo getting cut down to death by the Karai Legions, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003 cartoon), Episode 73

"Karai! End of the line."
Future April to Future Karai before killing her with a blast from her bazooka in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003), Episode 73

(after Bebop and Rocksteady fall on top of the Shredder)
Rocksteady: Hi, boss!
Shredder: Oh, You nuclear-age numbskulls! Where have you been?
Bebop: Oh, uh, here and there.
Shredder: Blast it! Those turtles foiled us again. You wretched reptiles, you'll pay for this!
Bebop: Yeah! And bring cash, we don't take plastic!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987), Season 3 Episode 5, Sky Turtles

"What you did was unforgiveable, Sigma..."
X, Maverick Hunter X

"Why do you think Uni had to do this...? You ruined our world. That's why Uni... That's why Uni DIED!! Byakuran! I... I WON'T FORGIVE YOU!!!"

"I'll never forgive you! Never!!"
May, Guilty Gear XX

"I'll nyeeever forgive you! I'll turn you to rust on these claws!"

You, I can never forgive... Now, spit it out! Now, where's the Imperator!?
Ragna's win quote against Hazama, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

Hazama... No! Terumi Yuuki! I will never, EVER forgive you!
Noel to Hazama, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

Ragna: Terumi... Terumi... I will never forgive you!
Terumi: You won't forgive me? Like I give a damn! Shut up and die already!

Your life... is forfeit!
Grolla's intro quote, RosenkreuzStilette

Spiritia: Iris!
Lilli: You're gonna pay!
Iris: I've been waiting. Quite frankly, I didn't think you'd come all this way just to die.
Spiritia: Iris, I'll never forgive you!

I don't care... what your mission is. You treat people like insects, and you'll pay the price for your cruelty!
Cress to Dhaos, Tales of Phantasia

King Dedede: (After Togeira finally unleashes his fully-stored anger and causes him to explode into a firey rage) RAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
Escargoon: Aahowhowhowhowhowhow!
King Dedede: NOW IT'S PAYBACK TIME!!!!
Tuff: No more Mr. Nice Guy!
Kirby: (happily) Poyo! Pu! Pi!
Tiff: He's back to his old self.
Meta Knight: No, the monster is still controlling him.
Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Episode 55

Dr. Claw: You're supposed to be disposing of Gadget!
Mook: I've only got two hands.
Dr. Claw: What!? HOW DARE YOU!
Inspector Gadget, All That Glitters


Mokou: How dirty of you to put up such a trap... this time I won't forgive you! Prepare yourself, Kaguya! (uses a fire attack but ends up heating the hot spring)
Kaguya: Ahh, much better.
Mokou: (angrily clenching her fists in humiliation) Dammit!!

"Give him this message: You have become a cursed being and I will never forgive you. This whip and my kinsmen will destroy you someday. From this day on, the Belmont clan will hunt the night."
Leon Belmont of Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, passing a death threat through Death himself.

Lionfang: Hmmm. You make a good point. (jumps down and readies his whip) This fight is just between you and me. No more hostages. However... the world must still suffer for bending its will to evil. (whips and burns the Frostval presents and gifts)
Lionfang: HA HA HA HA HA!
Hero: You'll pay for that!
AdventureQuest Worlds, during the Frostval events

One-Armed Bandit: My gang is all over this area. You'll never make it to that ship! (to Voltaire) You with the guitar... this is all your fault. I'll get you for this!
Deady: You just make friends wherever you go, don't ya?
Voltaire: What did I do?
Hero: At least it's not me, for once.
AdventureQuest Worlds, after defeating the One-Armed Bandit during the 2011 Friday the 13th event

How dare you! You will pay dearly for this!
Gravelyn to Noxus for betraying her and having Chaos Vordred hold her hostage in AdventureQuest Worlds

He will pay for this. On my honor, I swear it!
Stratos after his brother Exos pushes Terra to her death in the ocean below, AdventureQuest Worlds

Alteon's crown must be returned to his heirs. After that... There's only one path for me... into the heart of Chaos. Drakath. Will. Pay.
The Hero after the tragic finale of the Swordhaven Saga, AdventureQuest Worlds

Lord Zedd: Blast, you bumbling bean-brains! If I never see another fish in my life, it'll be too soon. Oh well, what's for lunch, you ninnies?
Goldar: Large, uh... lake trout almandine.
Lord Zedd: You incredible twit! You ordered me fish?! Oh, what's the use? I'm surrounded by ninnies! Power Rangers, you'll pay for this someday!
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Episode 98 (A Reel Fish Story)

"I'll make you pay for this, Keeper, if it's the last thing I do!"

I will never forgive you! For making MY DAUGHTER CRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY!
Asura, Asura's Wrath

Satoko: I won't forgive Tokyo Magika! Even if this is a different world, they hurt my Nii-nii!
Shion: That's right. Let's get revenge for Satoshi!
Higurashi: When They Cry Kira Episode 2

Satoko: Rika, it's time for payback!
Rika: I agree, Satoko!
Higurashi: When They Cry Kira Episode 2, when Rika and Satoko get ready to finish off Nail Ripper

You can call her if you want, but that doesn't mean I'll forgive her.
Battler to Virgilia about Beatrice having laughed about Eva-Beatrice torturing Rosa and Maria earlier in Umineko: When They Cry

I didn't get over this...!! I can't get over this...!! By my right eye's last sight...!!
Guts remembering Casca's rape at Griffith's hands during the Eclipse, Berserk

They'll pay for what they did to Maria.
Shadow the Hedgehog about G.U.N., Sonic Adventure 2

: "Ba'al... you really are beasts. You who cannot fathom the love and compassion of Man do not deserve to exist beneath the Sun. Ba'al, the Mechanical Angel Aquarion hereby refutes your existence! Behold! The power of mankind... and the power of life!"
Vulcanus: Good lord! This is unforgivable! Spare me for taking the life of this girl! (trips) Who...oaaa! (falls inside a clam)
Makai Senki Disgaea (right after Vulcanus sees Flonne's sudden change in personality while sleeping with Laharl and Etna in the third episode)

I won't...let you...get away...with this...
Goku right before going Super Saiyan, Dragon Ball Z

You - you ruthless...heartless...bastard! I will make you...SUFFER!
Goku, the same, Dragon Ball Kai

Way to go. Not only did the DigiDestined kids escape, but they found another crest. This is unforgivable!
Etemon upon realizing that Joe found the Crest of Reliability while he and the other kids escaped their prison in Digimon Adventure Episode 15

"You Have Failed Me, and I will not forgive failure!"
MetalSeadramon just before dropping Scorpiomon to his death as punishment for his failure to kill the DigiDestined in Digimon Adventure Episode 40

You'll pay big time!
MetalEtemon to Zudomon and SaberLeomon after they have defeated him in Digimon Adventure Episode 47

Mummymon: You don't scare me! You've taken away my Arukenimon, and now I'm going to make you pay for what you did to her!
MaloMyotismon: Hah. What do you plan to do, wrap me in another useless Snake Bandage? You scare me even less than these DigiDestined fools from the other world.
Mummymon: Then I will teach you to fear me!!
Digimon Adventure 02 Episode 48, after MaloMyotismon has just killed Arukenimon.

Beelzemon: You can't forgive me? I don't recall ever asking you to forgive me! But you'll be begging for forgiveness when I erase you from existence!
Gallantmon: So be it.

"My dear fallen comrade! We were to rule Earth together! You will pay for this ruinous wound!"
Dynasmon, to the DigiDestined (particularly EmperorGreymon), Digimon Frontier

"How could you?! Lucemon, you've gone too far!!!!"
Takuya Kanbara, to Lucemon after he has absorbed Koichi's data, Digimon Frontier

"That's the last time I trust a pirate!"
Sora, after being tied up and left to die by Captain Barbossa in Kingdom Hearts II

"RAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! Now you're gonna PAY!!!!"
Amy Rose, to Dr. Eggman after her good luck necklace was destroyed by Serpenter in Sonic X.

Lilac: I'll never forgive you! \ Carol: What you did is unforgiveable!
Brevon: I have no use for forgiveness, esp. from someone who puts my homeworld at risk for an oversized battery. I offer you one final chance. Leave. Now.
Lilac: (silence) \ Carol: NO! You're DEAD!
Brevon: So be it.
Lilac and Carol's confrontation with Brevon for revenge for his horrific mutation of Milla in Freedom Planet

Lilac: Your machines won't save you from the dragon you've unleashed! I WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING YOU THROW AT ME! I WILL MAKE YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!
Brevon: I'd like to see you try.

"How dare you penetrate my territory? You have robbed everything I possessed. You know, what you've done to me is unforgivable. I'll punish you myself and see to it that you'll die a miserable death with my awesome weapon. Die, maggots."
Colonel Longhena, DoDonPachi

Garet: You monster!!! Why did you do this? Why did you make us fight Jenna's parents?
Sheba: You're no god! You're no protector! You're evil!
Piers: You don't understand the pain you have caused, Wise One. You have no idea the damage done to a child who learns she has destroyed her own parents.

"That's why I should quit this journey. Before I do something terrible. But I am going... he destroyed my hometown five years ago, killed Aeris and and is now trying to destroy the Planet. I'll never forgive... Sephiroth."
Cloud, Final Fantasy VII

"You will know the pain and suffering you caused the Emperor and Fiora!"
Shulk, to Metal Face after he killed Emperor Sorean, Xenoblade

"All of you in Wild Hunt... I can't forgive you... I won't forgive you!"
Wave, to Syura after his attempt to violate Kurome, Akame ga Kill!

"My father died in the line of duty fighting villains like you! And you killed my mentor, General Ogre! I will never forgive you!"
Seryu, to Mine and Sheele, Akame ga Kill!

Najenda: (about Borick) He's a villain that's mixing drugs into some of the followers' food, and turning them into his obedient puppets. No need for restraint.
Lubbock: He's probably going from girl to girl, and having his way with them.
Susanoo: Mixing drugs into food is a crime against food!
Both: I'll never forgive him!
Najenda: You two... Don't you think you're missing the mark as to what should anger you?

Jaina: I will never forgive you for what you have done, Arthas!
Arthas: And I will never ask for forgiveness.

"You can't get off that easy, Rogles. I'll get you... with my own hands... for sure!"