Quotes / This Is Not a Drill

"Fire: The Untamed Element, Oldest of Man's Mysteries, Giver of Warmth, Destroyer of Forests! Right Now This Building is on Fire!"
"Yes! The Building is on Fire! Leave the Building! Enact the Age-Old Drama of Self-Preservation!"

"The fireboat got caught in the explosion! Two - no, three ships are burning now!"
"This is not a drill.."
"Oh, thanks for the heads-up, you idiot!"

"This is Lieutenant Commander Data speaking for the captain. Abandon ship. This is not a drill. I say again - all personnel, abandon ship. This is not a drill."

Peace Moon P.A. system: "Attention all personnel! This is an alarm trigger alert. This is not a drill! Not only is this not a drill, it's not a drill that we're pretending is not a drill!"

"Is this real-world or exercise?"
Tech Sgt. Jeremy Powell, September 11, 2001