Quotes / They Would Cut You Up

"I can't let ANYONE else find out [about my powers]. Not even my parents. I know the chemical plant wants to find me, and turn me into some experiment!"
Alex Mack gets to the nitty gritty of this trope in the Opening Narration of her show.

"Like, they don't wanna reason with him or work out something, they just wanna cut him open!"
Chester A. Bum, his review of District 9

Thornbeak: Tell me, what would your world make of one of our creatures, if it crossed the Divide?
Felix: They'd capture you, and put you in a zoo. A prison. Then they'd study you, and write books about you, and try to find out how to get more of you. And when you died they'd dissect you, and write more books.
Thornbeak: I see. And supposing they discovered that the creature couldn't be captured, that its magic was too strong?
Felix: Then they'd try and kill you, because they'd be frightened of something they didn't understand.
Thornbeak: I see. But you still want to return there?
Felix: It's my home.

"Olga came home, but she never came back to life behind those blue eyes. They tried, of course, but the more they tried, the more tenuous she became, and, in their hunger to know, they spread her thinner and thinner until she came, in her martyrdom, to fill whole libraries with frozen aisles of precious relics. No saint was ever pared so fine; at the Plesetsk laboratories alone, she was represented by more than two million tissue slides, racked and numbered in the subbasement of a bomb-proof biological complex."
Hinterlands, a short story by William Gibson; an astronaut is not greeted as a returning hero after having been lost in space for days, but dissected to find out what makes them special.

"You can't go outside, because if you do, the government will find you and then they'll cut you into pieces."
"Oh no, why would they do that?"
"I don't know! It's just what the government does. They find some rare, one-of-a-kind animal and then they just cut it up into pieces for science."
"Even if I ask them not to?"
"Especially if ya ask them not to! That'll just make them angry."

"I don't know about you guys but I've got over a thousand Sci-Fi dvds. You wanna know how many times the guy with the superpowers ends up in some freaky government lab on a table with wires in his head?"

"Ooooh no! You're from the Science Center! I don't wanna get wrapped up in anything from there, I've heard the stories! [...] People who go to the Science Center - people with powers, like me - they go up there and they don't come back! Not ever!"
Silver, Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic Universe Issue #79

Apparently this DEO is in the business of killing aliens or... experimenting on them. They have all been racing to find you but the DEO has given up, he believes.

Dr. Light was going to keep you. Run tests on you indefinitely. I couldn't let that happen.