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Lisa, if you don't like your job, you don't strike. You just go in every day and do it really half-assed. That's the American way!
Homer Simpson, The Simpsons, "The PTA Disbands"

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    Live-action TV 

TV's Frank: Yeah, Larry, come here. Larry, tell them. Tell these people. Tell them how you took your dream — your vision! — and through blood, sweat, and effort, you owned that dream and turned it into a reality through years — well, days — of hard work, determination, and struggle! You took that cherished dream that you had, and you... (trails off looking at Larrys dull, lifeless expression.) You don't really care, do you?
— The official Deep 13 rebuttal to the They Just Didnt Care sketch, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Attack of the Eye Creatures


Lansing and another girl are tied to trees (saplings would be a better word) by the creatures, and then Lansing is carried off and given to Bigfoot. Bigfoot is usually shot from a camera angle between his toes, making him loom over the camera like King Kong, but when we see him straight-on he looks about five feet ten inches or eleven inches tall. He wears a shaggy costume stitched together out of old, dirty brown shag rugs.
Roger Ebert on Bigfoot (1971)

    Web Animation 

As the game begins with the usual slew of idents playing, the CryEngine™ logo is accompanied by the words "Achieved with CryEngine™"! And you know, I don't think "achieved" is the word I'd use. "Shat Out with CryEngine™", maybe. "Tortuously Prolonged with CryEngine™". Or perhaps "ENABLED with CryEngine™", in the same way one enables a crippling drug habit.

    Web Original 

He forgot his lines a few times and it looked like he kept looking at cue cards. Or maybe he kept looking at the clock on the wall. He was over it from minute one...His busted, drawn-on brows just added to the 'fuck this shit' aura wafting off of him. Those are some brows that your friend would quickly draw on your face with a dried out Sharpie (that she’d have to keep licking to keep wet) in the back of a Lincoln as you make your way to the club. Smee definitely drew those brows on Queen Hook’s face during a choppy night at sea.
Michael K. on Christopher Walken in Peter Pan Live! (2014)

Perhaps the most telling moment is when K-9 is hooked into the Minyan computer via what is very obviously a pair of binder clips... They're not spray-painted gold or anything. They're using phone wire and binder clips that are obviously being phone wire and binder clips. It's a stunning moment in which it's clear that the production department has simply given up all hope that this will ever look good.
TARDIS Eruditorum on Doctor Who, Underworld

I actually asked myself at one point if the writers for each episode are actually forbidden from talking to one another.

In Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time, Patton Oswalt has a bit where he talks about what it really means to be successful as a comedian. He tells a story about being paid to do his act in front of a crowd so drunk that his mere presence is enough to earn a standing ovation, and how he received the offer to do that set (no new jokes, no material at all — just free money) forever, and how now he has to live with "the pulsing door of compromise and success", because at any point he can stop writing jokes and just make money. I bring this up because, in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Sandler described a similar moment where he made the exact opposite decision.

Chris: Lex and Lenny stroll up to an exhibit about Superman, where a single strand of his Super-Hair is holding up a 1,000-pound weight. Luthor and Lenny smash the glass case holding the super-hair before cutting it, because apparently those damn bolt-cutters were forged of Uru by the dwarves of Skartalfheim.
David: They don’t even have some sort of offhand line about how they’re kryptonite bolt cutters or something, which would even be believable for Luthor. They just use regular ol’ bolt cutters to cut this strand of hair holding a thousand pounds.
Chris: Superman IV: The Quest For A F*** To Give.
—Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

We get virtually none of the things we expect, even from a bad Seagalflick. No martial arts mayhem, no obligatory speeches about how great Seagal's character is, no hysterically funny shots of Seagal running and holding his gun like a girl, and no snapped limbs at all. This film seems to have been made on autopilot at virtually every level.
The Agony Booth on Submerged (2005)

“Come on Moviemoses! That’s nitpicking.“ But really this is a symptom of a larger problem which is incompetence. Take for example another scene where we establish Dagny’s smarmy jerkface brother who has no talent but hogs all the credit. He is a supposed multi-millionare but he goes into what appears to be a Circle K and is buying a tie for a piano concert next to the fucking Slim Jims and anti freeze. And you are just sitting there with this WTF look on your face thinking way too hard about things you shouldn’t be in the middle of this movie. Did they have really no more money left at that point and threw a tie rack in the middle of a QT? Is this some future thing that wasn’t established well? Kind of like how Taco Bell became fine dining in Demolition Man, fucking Exxons have now become superstores where you get everything from Armani to Hostess Snoballs?
Moviemoses on Atlas Shrugged Part II: The Strike

To show how little the designers cared, losing has Ahnuld appear and saying "I'll be back." Furthermore, losing all lives has big bad Vilos Cohaagen tell you that "Your game has been terminated." Thank you, Ronny Cox, for throwing out a phrase from the wrong freaking movie.

Bandai is, lets face it, a company that exists, at least in NES terms, for the sole and express purpose of releasing crappy games. Actively. As a matter of policy, they clearly prefer to cheaply release shit than work to give the player a remotely entertaining experience.

Deep Serpent Assignments are not Team Service Announcements. They are what happens when someone suggests an idea for a Team Service Announcement, but says it in a way that makes me want to do it, but not put any effort into it. So I spend an hour barely animating and mixing together six songs and then slap it on YouTube with a name that voices one of my grievances.

Okay... guys... By this point, I knew... The film just gave up. They clearly had no idea what to do, so they just threw in some stupid ideas into the third act, hoping that it would entertain the younger children in the audience... I mean, the rest is just as horrible, but it had SOME idea of pacing... The whole third act seems rubbish, pointless, rushed and uninspired...
Duckyworths reaction to the climax of The Wild.

    Web Video 

"It's an artistic car crash as random enemies are bought and thrown into environments laden with objects that just make no rational sense: U.S.P.S. post boxes right next to London phone boxes."
Jim Sterling on Slaughtering Grounds for Steam (2014)

In other words, how long can you hold the D-Pad for? You like that game?! Well you don't even need the game, just the controller and a timer! It'd be more fun to stare at a wall! I have a whole new appreciation for Desert Bus! Big Rigs is more exciting than this shit!
The Angry Video Game Nerd on CrazyBus for Sega Genesis

    Real Life 

Stuart's a nice bloke, but to have someone come in, who's never ever seen Star Trek before, and when you say to him, "Well, my character wouldn't do that," and he says, "I don't care, just do it anyway!" — first of all, you wanna punch his lights out, but second of all, he's the director, and you kinda have to do what he says, 'cause he just keeps making you do it over and over again.
Marina Sirtis on director Stuart Baird, Star Trek: Nemesis

I remember when we were doing the press screening at BAFTA and I was sitting next to this woman journalist and she saw this guy's face and she snorted with derisive laughter. When we turned up for that day on location and saw those aliens, we were so enraged. Everyone had tried so hard, to the best of their abilities but somebody else had thought well, we can just get away with something. And then that journalist's response, people just can't take it seriously after seeing that. Someone just didn't try.