Quotes / The Yonderlands

New Swaziland: I propose that we pelt them with empty whiskey bottles to disrupt their precious beer/vodka chain!

Vorluria: Men and women will be exterminated. Children will be enslaved. Pets will be eaten. Potted plants smashed. Paintings tilted.

Ghurkainia: Greetings fellow whatevers from The Yonderlands! We have arrived to do whatever the hell we want!

Vorluria: We doubt you could even make a dent in The Lovefest of Nortear, which more likely than not arms its men with surrender flags.

Nortear: Gentlemen, really? You shouldn't be fighting amongst each other. You all have the same* political views and ideals, you should turn this rancor into an alliance against those you don' share your views, such as... Actually, forget everything I just said; keep fighting amongst each other, leave our nation alone!

Nortear (In the face of empty whiskey bottles): Empty?

Nortear: ALL I WANT IS SOME LOVE! *hic*

Swaziland: Do not fear Nortear, we shall send love in the form of empty Whiskey bottles! Enjoy!

Vorluria: But no, you had to revolt and found your own country when we weren't looking.

Swaziland: Vorluria, are you sure we cannot just invade these two imbeciles with the ridiculous names already? We just got a shiny new air-force that we're itching to use...

Ghurkainia (To Swaziland): Oh, I don't really care much about those weirdos without Nordic Crosses. Hell, I'll even help you pelt them with whiskey bottles... On three? Good, one, two, Three! * Pelts Whiskey bottles at The Empire of God Save Tri Stan and The Kingdom of Triszakhastan*

His Unholiness: In another note, *cough*Republic of New Swaziland*cough* we have upgraded our military forces to stop surprise Whiskey Bottle attack.

Swaziland: Well lass, I've always been one for joining in fights for little to no reason...

Nortear: Yay! My OCD is happy now!

Ghurkainia: This is absolute chaos, something we do not approve of.

True Nortear: Us? Eliminated? On the contrary, we will expand. Expand. EXPAND. EXPAND.

His Unholiness: Hello everyone just giving you chaps a heads up to something I saw happening in The Dictatorship of Republic of New Swaziland. They seem to be loading large crates full of brown tinted bottles into airplanes.

Vorluria (In response to above): Brown bottles into planes? I feel sorry for The Lovefest of Nortear...Bah, who are we kidding? Go get 'em, boys!

True Nortear (Shortly after His Unholiness's warning): What? What? WHAT? Where'd these bombs come from? We have lost countless expendables to this act of mindless aggression! Someone is going to pay!

His Unholiness: Well it seems that we've reached an idealistic front *shines tank*, when will we begin?

Reganagoll: we take no responsibilty for any harmful radioactive mutations, however, if these mutations are deemed useful in any way by the government of The Colony of Reganaroll then they will be forcably removed and studied by Reganarite scientists.

Reganaroll (After a verbal slip-up: We really need to invent time machines some time this year...