Quotes / The Worf Effect

"I think as long as we avoid being the tough-looking guys who get knocked out in the first round to show how strong the champion is, we'll be fine."
Roy Greenhilt, The Order of the Stick

"You do not beat Superfly Jimmy Snuka in the middle of the ring at the garden unless you are somebody!"
Bobby The Brain Heenan on The Undertaker, Madison Square Garden 1991

For someone who'd been accused, with some justice, of living in the past, Hatake Kakashi was still surprised by how the passage of time could change your perspective. He still remembered the last Great Shinobi War. He could remember the battles, the foes he'd killed and the friends he'd lost. But time had a way of passing, of wearing smooth the edges of the hardest memory, until you could recall the facts, but not how it felt. Years of being one of Konoha's elite jonin, feared by many, featured in countless bingo books, had robbed him of some of the worst recollections. Like the sensation of what it was like to face an enemy that outclassed you almost as easily as you outclassed your genin pupils.
Team 8

Storm: (looking at Juggernaut lying unconscious and defeated in a crater on the ground) Oh... this is bad.
Wolverine: Yeah. Juggernaut.
Iceman: Wait a minute! Juggernaut as in The Unstoppable Juggernaut? The totally invulnerable Juggernaut!?
Beast: That'd be the one.
Shadowcat: So what could do this to him?
(Giant red energy Kaiju-looking thing roars and bursts out of a building)
Shadowcat: ...Never mind.
Wolverine and the X-Men - Episode 13