Quotes: The Wonka

"Though this be madness, there is method in it."
- Polonius 'Hamlet''

"If you had any more tawdry quirks, you could open a tawdry quirk shop. The madcap vehicle, the tousled hair, the clothes designed by a first-year fashion student? I'm surprised you haven't got a little purple space dog, just to ram home what an intergalactic wag you are."
- The Dream Lord, Doctor Who

"Everything here is unfamiliar / Nothing they've seen remotely similar / How can it be? You're so peculiar!"
- Strange Animal, by Gowan

"It's simply second nature
To wish away the gray
To take a licorice stick and make a tree
Yes, there's no rhyme or reason
I was simply made this way
What's strange to you is natural to me

It's simply second nature
To paint outside the lines
It merely is the way that I was born
You see I've been selected
To create the unexpected
And make each day feel just like Christmas morn"
- Willy Wonka, "Simply Second Nature" from the 2013 stage musical adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory