Quotes / The Tetris Effect

"Hey Lee! It's me! Bjorn the Unicorn! Wanna smoke some Orange Pegs?"
Lee from Still Gaming on Peggle

He was not entirely surprised to wake up at the controls of a starfighter. It had been like that with Captain Zoom. You couldn't get it out of your head. After an evening's concentrated playing you were climbing ladders and dodging laser-zap bolts all night.

And when the power goes out at last than I
Will play in my head until I die
Virus, Neil Gaiman

They died in a blaze/Screams of pain forced out of them/They learned their lesson... Wow... That wasn't even from the game... I've been playing too long.
Borderlands 2

Ed: You had a really session with this, it was one of the first games you played as a kid. You'd then find that you had thoughts like, "I could walk to the kitchen, but then I'd be out of time units." And you'd go, "Wait, WHAT?!
Andro: "I'm out of Elerium!"

"Or, wait — maybe you're supposed to land a portal on that billboard up ahead, drive through the one on the trailer, and ramp out of the one on the sign. Could that really be the answer? That seems insane. That is some Dukes of Hazzard shit right there. You're missing something simple. Right? No? Well, hell — it looks like you're gonna have to try it, because there's no speed-gel anywhere and sonofabitchyoucan'tshootportals."

"When I shut my eyes, all I see is candy! I think I need help!"