Quotes / The Straight and Arrow Path

Prophet: Gosh, I just love exterminating my fellow man with the most advanced projectile weaponry in existence, but sometimes I think that if I could pick the bullets out of the ruined bodies of my victims, put them back into my guns and use them again, it would be so much more productive! But there's no way I can do that, is there?
Psycho: Well, Prophet, have you tried Bow and Arrow™?
Prophet: Bow and Arrow™, you say?
Psycho: Yes! Not only does Bow and Arrow™ allow ammo recovery, but it's also silent, can be fired without de-cloaking, and does about twelve times the damage of a bullet for some reason!
Prophet: Gosh, Psycho, Bow and Arrow™ sounds so convenient it almost makes you wonder why they were completely supplanted by guns fucking centuries ago!