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Quotes: The Stoic
"Anyone not familiar with Javert who had seen him when he entered the infirmary, would have no inkling of what was passing through his mind. His manner, as he walked with his customory deliberation up the steps, was calm and composed as usual, his grey hair immaculately combed. But anyone knowing him well, who had observed him more closely, would have been astonished. The buckle of his leather collar, instead of being at the back of his neck, was under his his left ear. It was a portent. [...] If his collar buckle was maladjusted it could only mean that he was in a state of inward tension that that might be compared to an earthquake."
Victor Hugo, Les Misťrables

Jero: [interpreting Tuvok in a play] When a friend is lost, the mind is split in half, Divided between memory of the past and fear of the future. Harry Kim, Ensign. Only a boy when fate took you from the arms of blue-green Earth. B'Elanna Torres, half-Klingon, half-Human. I am honoured to call you—
Kelis: What are you doing? Is that a tear?
Jero: Yes.
Kelis: Logical Tuvok doesn't cry! That's why they call him Logical!
Jero: Everybody cries.
Kelis: The land of Vulcan has no laughter, and it has no tears. It is a very quiet place, calm, just like Tuvok.
Jero: I can't believe that.
Kelis: You don't have to, just don't cry!
Jero: The audience won't believe it either. They'll either think Tuvok is an unfeeling monster, or that I am a bad performer.
Kelis: They'll realise that beneath your unfeeling exterior is a heart that's breaking. Silently, and in more pain than any of us can possibly understand, because that's what it is to be Vulcan. Try it again?
Star Trek: Voyager, Muse

Annie: Aren't you uncomfortable?
Jones: No.
Annie: Is it because you are a robot?
Jones: I am not a robot.

Dave, reacting to his own death, Homestuck

"Cops can't cry so their city can."
—Frank Reagan, Blue Bloods

"A cucumber is bitter; throw it away. There are briars in the road; turn aside from them. This is enough. Do not add, "And why were such things made in the world?"
Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Castiel: Are you joking?
Raphael: Do I look like I'm joking?
Castiel:...You never look like you're joking.

"Why do they have to fight with such naked emotions? There's clearly no quality of character evidenced. None whatsoever."
Paptimus Scirocco, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

Tranquil as a forest, but a fire within.

Joker: Smile!
Batman: [deadpan] I am smiling.

Caroline: Why are you looking at him with your serious vampire look?
Stefan: My serious vampire look?
Caroline: Umhm...I mean itís different from your worried vampire look. Neither of which stray too far from your "Hey, itís Tuesday" look.

"He's, like, a multi-billionaire or something. Tetrahexian real estate. No, he just thinks possessions are a weakness. Actually, he thinks everything's a weakness. I like him, but he's phenomenally stern."

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