Quotes / The Road Warriors

"When we get done with you, you'll look like we set fire to your face and put it out with an ax!"
—From their AWA days

"Rossy baby, detached retinas, deviated septums, internal hemmorhaging, torn cartilage, these are things which dreams are made of, and our dreams are your nightmares Kevin Sullivan!"
Hawk, during an interview on NWA/WCW TV, January 28, 1989, hyping their NWA World Tag Team Championship defense against the Varsity Club team of Sullivan and "Dr. Death" Steve Williams

"Power and Glory, huh? When we're done with you, you'll be Sour and Gory. Uhhhh, what a rush!"
Hawk, before their match with Power and Glory (Hercules and Paul Roma), WrestleMania VII