Quotes: The Rival

"Over and over again in Mohammedan history, dynasties have come to grief because the sons of a sultan by different mothers could not agree, and in the resulting civil war universal ruin resulted... The world would be a happier place than it is if acquisitiveness were always stronger than rivalry. But in fact, a great many men will cheerfully face impoverishment if they can thereby secure complete ruin for their rivals."
Bertrand Russell, Nobel Prize of Literature, 1950

I've travelled a long road to get here, Tyson. This is my life's work. Everything I've seen and everything I've done - and it all starts and ends with you.
Kai, Beyblade

"You have two British writers in a kind of niche medium, both of whom became famous within a few years of each other, who came up through many of the same publications, and who went on to have enormously successful careers and tremendous influence on the broader culture. On top of that, they are both practicing magicians and occultists. Which is really, to my mind, a kind of strange set of coincidences. I mean, itís not as though comics writers or occultists are hugely rare categories, but to have two major and influential British figures appear in the culture just a few years apart from each other who are both comics writers and occultists is, on its own, kind of weird.

And then, on top of that, they absolutely hate each otherís guts. They do not get along at all. To the point where Alan Moore has publicly asked that people who buy Grant Morrisonís work just stop buying his entirely. And perhaps more to the point, for all their similarities, thereís a legitimate disagreement between them that goes far deeper than the arguments over who plagiarized who and all the boring gossip that surrounds that. So I think thatís interesting Ė what it is that makes these two clearly mostly very similar people end up so very different."