-> '''Bahamut''': [[AC: Enough. The test of courage will reveal the true identity of the enlightened warrior.]]
-> '''Black Mage''': This isn't some insipid quest wrought with danger, is it?
-> '''Bahamut''': [[AC: No.]]
-> '''Black Mage''': Oh, good.
-> '''Bahamut''': [[AC: It is the ultimate quest. The quest for identity.]]
-> '''Black Mage''': ...I think you're confused about what 'insipid' means.
-->-- ''Webcomic/EightBitTheater''

->''"To dream [[TragicDream the impossible dream]];\\
To [[HopelessBossFight fight the unbeatable foe]];\\
To [[IronWoobie bear with unbearable sorrow]];\\
[[DeathSeeker To run]] where [[ForbiddenZone the brave dare not go]];\\
To [[HonorBeforeReason right the unrightable wrong]];\\
To [[CourtlyLove love, pure and chaste from afar]];\\
[[HeroicSpirit To try]], when [[YouCanBarelyStand your arms are too weary]],\\
[[WeDoTheImpossible To reach the unreachable star!]]''\\
''[[HeroicVow This is my]] [[TheQuest quest]], to [[FollowYourHeart follow that Star]],\\
[[TragicDream No matter how hopeless]], [[MilesToGoBeforeISleep no matter how far;]]\\
[[ForGreatJustice To fight for the right]], [[JumpedAtTheCall without question or pause,]]\\
To be willing [[ToHellAndBack to march into Hell]] [[MissionFromGod for a Heavenly cause!]]\\
And I know if I'll only [[LeaveYourQuestTest be true to this glorious quest]],\\
That [[DoomedMoralVictor my heart will lie peaceful and calm]] [[TheHeroDies when I'm laid to my rest.]]\\
And [[SaveTheWorld the world will be better for this]],\\
That [[TheUnchosenOne one man]], [[DudeWheresMyRespect scorned]] and [[ScarsAreForever covered with scars]],\\
[[{{Determinator}} Still strove]] [[HeroicResolve with his last ounce of courage]],\\
To [[HopelessBossFight fight the unbeatable foe]]!\\
[[WeDoTheImpossible To reach the unreachable Star!]]"''
-->--"The Impossible Dream", ''Theatre/ManOfLaMancha''

->''There's a place I must go\\
There's a place I must go\\
It's not a place I have seen\\
But I'll get there in a new dream''
-->-- "Pearl's Dream", by '''Bat For Lashes'''