Quotes / The Prayer Warriors

I and her are not dating, if you Satanic scum think that there is something Satanic going on. We are dating, but we are not having Sex until we get married.
The Evil Gods, Part I

We will corrupt the nation of God to bring everyone too hell, where they will will burn for in all eternal history, where their body will tourn apart, and spread across a endless, lifeless land, where they will be eaten by all foul breast.
The Evil Gods, Part I

And so we dropped down and we prayed dearly to God that he can punish Hades. And Hades dropped to the ground and then blew up, caused by our prayer.
The Evil Gods, Part I

"I may be a Hogwarts teacher", he yelled loudly, "but I`m also a Christian!"
Battle With The Witches

"Evil laugh!" said the vampire.
The Evil Gods, Part II

Post this onto your profile if your pro-gum.
— Thomas Brown's original profile

"...I think I get the message of the story. Christianity is good, and most, if not all, women are evil skanks who should die. And so do anyone else who celebrate any other religion. And bands that are supposedly "evil". And women in power, gays, and those who have disabilities.

"That is one fucked-up message."
— From Arcadiarika's liveblog of The Evil Gods I

"Still I was uncomfortable, for their was a traitor out there, waiting to kill me, and killing is bad, and is a sin against lord Jesus Christ. Killing a Christian is a sin. Actually, killing any man is a crime."
The Prayer Warriors:: "You evil rain of terror is about to end! For too long have you be sending death to all the Christians in painful ways. You have been serving Satan and that is a sin, and it is too be punished. I hope you burn in the eternal flames of hells because you deserve it, you evil sinner, the most devilish of them all! Because of you sins, God refuses to forgive you, which gives us no choice but to kill you. Behold your eternal fate, the eternal flames of hell! Amen!"
Hades: "Fools of want to play fool`s game. You will never be able to defeat me. No one can beat me, not even God and his eternal begotten son Jesus Christ. They all fear me, and there is no way even a Christian can defeat me. No sword can stab me, because any stabs to me is creates no harm at all! And I am a master in sword fighting, greater than anything. I am the greatest of all the false gods of the Greek. There is no way on earth that you can beat me!"
Prayer Warriors:"We are in hell, not on earth, and we have a weapon greater than a sword. (They kill Hades through prayer) This is one lesson you should learn, never take on a Prayer Warrior! We will win all the time, for God is on our side!"
— The Evil Gods, Part I