Quotes: The Password Is Always Swordfish

Baravelli (Chico Marx): ...you can't come in unless you give the password.
Professor Wagstaff (Groucho Marx): Well, what is the password?
Baravelli: Aw, no. You gotta tell me. Hey, I tell what I do. I give you three guesses. It's the name of a fish.
[After several unsuccessful guesses]
Baravelli: Hey, what's-a matter, you no understand English? You can't come in here unless you say, "Swordfish." Now I'll give you one more guess.
Professor Wagstaff: ...swordfish, swordfish... I think I got it. Is it "swordfish"?
Baravelli: Hah. That's-a it. You guess it.
Professor Wagstaff: Pretty good, eh?
Horsefeathers (1932)

"The Chairman doesn't seem very bright, but I'd give him more credit than using the computer's actual name as the password. That would be like me making my website password "agonybooth". Uh... But don't actually try that password, because that isn't it. Er, excuse me for one second. I have some administrative stuff to take care of."

"Password. Hm. Password. How 'bout "Guest"? (logs in successfully) No way! It can't be. Jesus Christ! That is just...babytown frolics!"
Sterling Archer, Archer

Mr. McKitrick, after careful consideration I have come to the conclusion that your defense system sucks.
General Beringer, WarGames

The guy who made the software was called "Jeff Jeffty Jeff", born on "1st of Jeff 19-Jeffty-Jeff". So I put in "Jeff", and hey!
Eddie Izzard, Glorious

The Plague: Someone didn't bother reading my carefully prepared memo on commonly-used passwords. Now, then, as I so meticulously pointed out, the four most-used passwords are: love, sex, secret, and...
Margo: [glares at The Plague]
The Plague: god. So, would your holiness care to change her password?

One, one, one... uh... one!
The Soldier, Team Fortress 2

" 'Morphic Street, 9 o'clock tonight, password: swordfish.' Swordfish. Every password was swordfish. Whenever anyone tried to think of a word that no one would ever guess, they always chose swordfish."

People are dumb .... the most common passwords are 1234567890, 123456, password, The persons birthday, and password1. The name of a family member is a close second