Quotes / The Paragon

"Doesn't matter what the press says. Doesn't matter what the politicians or the mobs say. Doesn't matter if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right. This nation was founded on one principle above all else: the requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world — No, you move."

"I know I'm asking a lot. The price of freedom is high, it always has been - and it's a price I'm willing to pay. And if I'm the only one, then so be it. But I'm willing to bet I'm not."

We live as though the world were as it should be, to show it what it can be.

As for me...
I came back to ensure that there would be a future. To teach the world that it no longer needed Guardians. The hope for future generations has always resided in mortal hands. And now that my task is done, I will take my place... amongst the legends of the past.
Medivh, the Last Guardian, Warcraft III ending cinematic

Though we gather here today bound together in sorrow and loss, we share a precious gift. We are all of us privileged to live a life that has been touched by Superman. The Man of Steel possessed many extraordinary gifts, and he shared them with us freely. [...] Let us all strive to accept his gift and pass it along—as an ongoing tribute to Kal-El of Krypton, the immigrant from the stars who taught us all how to be heroes.
J'onn J'onzz's funeral speech for Superman, Justice League

Emma: Screw 'em.
Ashley: What?
Emma: Screw. Them. How old are you?
Ashley: Nineteen
Emma: I was eighteen.
Ashley: When you had a kid?
Emma: Yah. I know what its like. Everybody loves to tell what you can and can't do. Especially with a kid. But ultimately, whatever you are considering on doing, or giving up, the choice is yours.
Ashley: It's not exactly what you might think it is.
Emma: Never is. People are gonna tell you who you are your whole life. You just gotta punch back and say "no, this is who I am." Want people look at you differently, make them. You wanna change things? You have to go out there and change them yourself. Because there are no fairy godmothers in this world.
Emma Swan to Ashley "Cinderella" Boyd, Once Upon a Time

"Do good to others and every man can be a superman."
-"Superman (Clark Kent)"

You're much stronger than you think you are. Trust me.

"You will give the people an ideal to strive towards. They'll race behind you. They will stumble. They will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders."
— Jor-El, Man of Steel teaser trailer

Kamina: Listen up, Simon. Don't believe in yourself.
Simon: Huh?
Kamina: Believe in me! Believe in the Kamina that believes in you!
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, when Simon is too scared to move

Simon...just believe in yourself. Not in the Kamina that you believe in, not in the Simon that I believe in...believe in the you that believes in you.