Quotes / The Man They Couldn't Hang

Ygor: They hanged me once, Frankenstein... they broke my neck.
Baron Frankenstein: Hanged you... well, why did they hang you?
Ygor: Because I stole bodies... they said...

"I'll tell you something about this El Diablo. They did find him once. Caught him down in Amos, a little border town north of Laredo. Caught him, tried him and hanged him all in the same night. But he wouldn't die. He just hanged there by his neck, spitting at the crowd like they disgusted him. Cussed 'em out so bad the women folk had to go home. I was there when they cut him down. And I thank the Lord I left when I did. Three days later, so the story goes, El Diablo returned to Amos with his men and cut out the heart of every man, woman and child in the whole blessed town."
El Diablo

Morning came, bright and harsh. Prudence was led to the gallows. The smug clergyman prayed for her damned soul; the noose was placed around her neck; the signal was given, and she dropped: she felt a horrible wrench, and distinctly heard her vertebrae crack. Instinct told her to shut her eyes and lie limp - for she realized, despite her pain, that she would not die.
Vampire: The Masquerade - Clanbook: Nosferatu

Lamaril: I should have you strung up for this!
Kaladin: Tried that. Didn't work.