Quotes / The Last DJ

I know how to get ahead, mister. And I know damn well I will never rise higher than colonel, because I do not and by God will not kiss the requisite amount of ass.
Col. Holden, Preacher

Wilson: What are you scared of, Matty?
Matty: Dying.
Wilson: Scared enough to kiss Liberty News' ass?
Matty: Fuck no.
Wilson: Good. Stay scared of dying, but not your bosses and you'll be fine. Keep doing your job on your terms. People see that and respect you man.

Couple weeks from now, you're gonna be in some district somewhere with 11 or 12 uniforms looking to you for everything. And some of them are gonna be good police. Some of them are gonna be young and stupid. A few are gonna be pieces of shit. But all of them will take their cue from you. You show loyalty, they learn loyalty. You show them it's about the work, it'll be about the work. You show them some other kinda game, then that's the game they'll play. I came on in the Eastern, and there was a piece-of-shit lieutenant hoping to be a captain, piece-of-shit sergeants hoping to be lieutenants. Pretty soon we had piece-of-shit patrolmen trying to figure the job for themselves. And some of what happens then is hard as hell to live down. Comes a day you're gonna have to decide whether it's about you or about the work.
Cedric Daniels, The Wire