Quotes / The Hunter

Come what may, this beast must die today.
Sgt. Thaddeus, Blood Ravens 7th Company, Dawn of War II

Jyabura: If you were still connected to that Shepherd and being protected, you would've been safe...but since a Lamb wandered around on his own, look...it'll be eaten by a fearsome Wolf...gyahahaha!
[is sent flying by a kick]
Jyabura: Who the hell are you...!!?
Sanji: The Hunter.

"I'm bored. Shooting pedophiles in the face will entertain me."
Frank Castle, The Punisher

Security Command issued an all-points alert after the fall of Zebes. The alert concerns bioform Samus Aran, also known as the Hunter. Subject is a female hominid, and is heavily armed and extremely dangerous. (...) A considerable bounty will go to the unit who delivers Aran to Command. Dead or alive, it matters not.
Space Pirate Data "The Hunter", Metroid Prime

Samus Aran, the accursed Hunter, has arrived. (...) Science Team suspects she requires [Phazon] to power her new armorsuit. Dark in color, it is equipped with strange new weapons. The troops now call her the "Dark Hunter." It is a fitting title.
Space Pirate Log 06.362.2, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

"Let us hunt those who have fallen to darkness."
Shauna Vayne, League of Legends