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Quotes: The Highwayman
I was a highwayman. Along the coach roads I did ride
With sword and pistol by my side
Many a young maid lost her baubles to my trade
Many a soldier shed his lifeblood on my blade.
— "Highwayman", Jimmy Webb

I'm the dandy highwayman, who you're too scared to mention.
I spend my cash on looking flash and grabbing your attention.
— "Stand and Deliver", Adam and the Ants

I became a highwayman was daylight robbery,
I was no prince charming nothing dandy about me,
It's of a brave young highwayman, this story I will tell,
His name was Willie Brennan, and in Ireland he did dwell,
T'was on the Kilworth mountains, he commenced his wild career,
And many a wealthy nobleman before him shook with fear,
Brennan on the Moor, traditional folksong

“I’m the Highway Man
I make ends-meet
Just like any man
I work with my hands
You cross my path…
I’ll knock you out
Drag you off the road
Steal your shoes from off your feet
I’m the Highway Man
And I make ends-meet”
The Highwayman, Chapter 4: Songs of the Dark Lantern, Over the Garden Wall

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