[[folder:Comic Books]]

->Hi there!
-->-- '''The Grim Reaper''', ''ComicBook/ChickTracts''

->When the first living thing existed, I was there, waiting. When the last living thing dies, my job is finished. I'll put the chairs on tables, turn out the lights and lock the universe behind me when I leave.
-->-- '''Death of the Endless''', ''ComicBook/TheSandman'', "Facade"


[[folder:Film - Live-Action]]

->It's a Mr. Death or something. He's come about the reaping. Honestly, I don't think we need any!
-->-- ''Film/MontyPythonsTheMeaningOfLife''

->'''Death:''' When next we meet, the hour will strike for you and your friends.\\
'''Block:''' And you will reveal your secrets?\\
'''Death:''' I have no secrets.\\
'''Block:''' So you know nothing?\\
'''Death:''' I am unknowing.
-->-- ''Film/TheSeventhSeal''



->[[WasOnceAMan Everything is simpler now]].\\
I found something. I found someone. I found myself. You'd better hope I don't find you, though, because I can only drive you down a one-way street. [[WeAllDieSomeday The road no one wants to go down, though we must]]. I have become the shadow, that [[{{Foreshadowing}} foreshadow]] cast back along all of our lives. You know it's coming. That I'm coming. [[DontFearTheReaper Do what you can to be happy in the meantime]]. That's all this has ever boiled down to. The job suits me. I am happy. I am me. And eventually one day you and I will meet, as it was foretold.\\
''[[AsTheGoodBookSays Behold, a pale horse]].''\\
It's coming. And his name that sits on him... is mine.
-->-- ''Afterlife,'' by Michael Marshall Smith

->"And [The Duke] goes around killing people?" said Mort. He shook his head. "There's no justice."\\
Death sighed. [[AC:No,]] he said. [[AC:There's just me.]]
-->-- ''Literature/{{Mort}}''

->"Children are our hope for the future."\\
[[AC:There is no hope for the future,]] said Death.\\
"What does it contain, then?"\\
"Besides you, I mean!"\\
Death gave him a puzzled look. [[AC:I'm sorry?]]
-->-- ''Discworld/{{Sourcery}}''

->"What'd he say? Who's the fella with the stick?"\\
"It's Death, Archchancellor," said the Bursar, patiently.\\
"It's Death, sir. ''You'' know."\\
"Tell him we don't want any."
-->-- ''Discworld/{{Eric}}''

->[[AC:Who knows [[Radio/TheShadow what evil lurks in the heart of men?]]]]\\
The Death of Rats looked up from the feast of potato.\\
[[AC:Squeak]], he said.\\
Death waved a hand dismissively. [[AC:Well, yes, ''obviously'' me]], he said. [[AC:I was just wondering if there was anyone else.]]
-->-- ''Discworld/TheTruth''


[[folder:Live-Action TV]]

->That night, a man was killed by a speeding car and I was there to take his soul. The street on which he died turned into a flowing river of light, and he hesitated at its banks. I told him to take a deep breath as if it's the last one you will ever take, because sometimes in life, or in death I guess, you just never know.
-->-- '''Georgia Lass''', ''Series/DeadLikeMe'', "Rest In Peace"

->'''Dean:''' Well, I gotta ask. How old are you?\\
'''Death:''' As old as God, maybe older. [[TheFogOfAges Neither of us can remember anymore.]] Life, death, chicken, egg. Regardless, at the end, I'll reap him too.\\
'''Dean:''' God? You'll reap ''God?''\\
'''Death:''' Oh, yes. God will die too, Dean.\\
'''Dean:''' ...Well, this is way above my pay grade.\\
'''Death:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Just a bit.]]
-->-- ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'', "Two Minutes to Midnight"

->Nothing lasts forever. Well, ''I'' do.
-->-- '''Death''', ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'', "Appointment in Samarra"


[[folder:Mythology and Religion]]

->And I looked, and behold a [[HorsemenOfTheApocalypse pale horse]]: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.
-->-- Literature/{{Revelation}} 6:8



->Look behind you, he stands behind you\\
The Reaper shall return\\
Look beside you, he walks beside you\\
The Reaper has returned
-->-- '''Music/GraveDigger''', "The Reaper"

->The churchbell of doom is tolling\\
The angel of death is near\\
The ghost with the cowl and the sickle\\
Spreading terror and fear
-->-- '''Music/RunningWild''', "Black Wings of Death"

->Well, what is this, [[NothingIsScarier that you can't see?]]\\
With ice cold hands, taking hold of me? \\
[[HaveYouSeenMyGod When God is gone]], and {{Main/the Devil}} takes hold, \\
Who'll have mercy on my soul? \\
Well, he is Death! And none can tell,\\
If he'll open the door to [[HeavenAndHell Heaven or Hell...]]
-->-- "O Death," American folk song



->Death be not proud, though some have called thee\\
Mighty and dreadfull, for, thou art not so
-->-- '''Creator/JohnDonne''', "Holy Sonnet X"


[[folder:Tabletop Games]]

->It was silent as the void, and to look upon it was to know terror. It drifted above us with slow, liquid grace, and its gaze caused madness and despair wherever it fell. Those it came near took their own lives rather than endure its hellish presence.
-->-- '''Morilla''', Harlequin Shadowseer, ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}''

->The Ankou is the Reaper itself - a thing of grave earth and rust, of rot and wormwood. Where its legend has filtered into human lore, it is depicted as a remorseless, lifeless monster that silently treads lightless country roads with ox-cart and scythe, coming upon its victims as suddenly as sickness, cutting their lives from them, and heaving them into its cart. And it is in this form that it will sometimes appear in a [[MadOracle Malkavian]]'s dreams or visions, if always fleetingly.
-->-- ''TabletopGame/VampireTheMasquerade - Clanbook: Malkavian (Revised)''


[[folder:Video Games]]

->He was there from the beginning. A power that exist at the end of all things. He walked with our gods and shaped our deepest beliefs. An executioner at the gallows. A lone hunter on a pale horse. A soldier on the battlefield. A criminal in the shadows. Fields become burial grounds in his wake. Every great atrocity, every feeble passing, he stands witness. In our strife, in our revolutions and in our wars, he has left his mark. And in the end, his will be the last face you see.
-->-- ''Videogame/DarksidersII'', [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZTIWt7XK2c "Death Eternal" trailer]]

->All who live know my name and all who oppose me will know Death.
-->-- '''Death''', ''VideoGame/{{Darksiders II}}''

->'''Maximo:''' You're late, Grim.\\
'''Grim:''' I always show up... in the end.
-->-- ''VideoGame/MaximoVsArmyOfZin''



->'''DAVE:''' yo terezi weve got a grim reaper too\\
'''DAVE:''' shit isnt that novel\\
'''DAVE:''' i mean i think even a civilization full of the laziest sons of bitches are gonna make up a myth figure for death\\
'''DAVE:''' like oooh watch OUT death is coming for you hes got like\\
'''DAVE:''' a SKULL and shit\\
'''DAVE:''' i basically have no fucking imagination that sounds badass to me\\
'''DAVE:''' wait wait no how about hes got a BLACK ROBE too\\
'''DAVE:''' and a fuckin scythe to fuckin slash at you with in case you didnt die all the way or whatever\\
'''DAVE:''' daaaaaamn now youre talking bro\\
'''DAVE:''' lets go ahead stick that in our culture forever
-->-- ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}''

->'''Reaper:''' [[AC:Well, if that's it, I got people dyin' to see me.]]\\
'''Sebastian:''' Actually, I was wondering why you look ''[[HandGagging hwmph-mph?]]''\\
'''Reaper:''' [[AC:Well, Sebastian... I'm a sucker for the stereotype. Peace out.]]
-->-- ''Webcomic/TrueVillains''


[[folder:Real Life]]

->Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.
-->-- '''J. Robert Oppenheimer''' quoting the ''Literature/BhagavadGita'', after the [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trinity_(nuclear_test) Trinity nuclear test]]

->[[DontFearTheReaper Not a bad chap when you get to know him]] (and sooner or later, everyone gets to know him).
-->-- '''Creator/TerryPratchett''' on the Literature/{{Discworld}}'s example