Quotes / The Goomba

It says right here: 'Goombas are underlings of underlings.' ...That is totally rude!

Aaaaauuuuuuurrghhh! I am so angry I am cooking in my own succulent juices! The Goombas have lost...Again?! Is this our destiny?! To be trampled by oppressive feet for all eternity? No, we will definitely triumph next time! Yes, next time! The Goombas' fate is not defeat, but perseverance!

Day Two, and I'm still falling toward the center of the earth
Consumed by plumber hatred and diminishing self-worth.
I was meant to kill the plumber and I hardly left a scar

Q. So I am cannon fodder in an endless, futile war against a single man with unstoppable firepower?
That would be one way to describe it. Another way would be, "I am a vital part of an heroic struggle against those who would change our whole way of life."
Q. Well, what's our way of life?
For you? Firing your rocket at the Intruder.
Q. Wait, so I am firing my rocket at the Intruder to protect firing my rocket at the Intruder?
Freedom isn't free, Rocket Trooper.
Q. I can't take this! Can I fire my rocket at myself to end it all?
Unfortunately, the closest you can get to firing your rocket at yourself is firing it diagonally. I understand your suicidal sentiment though. The best way to deal with that is to find the Intruder. He'll take care of things.
Q. What about the Sinister Regime? Don't they need me?
Nah, don't worry. You are their version of the rockets that launch in unlimited quantities from your smokeless rocket tube.

Annoyer (25 Points)—Buzz around quite harmlessly. (If you believe that, you'll believe anything.)
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