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Quotes: The Four Loves
Whoa, oh I never give in
Whoa, oh I never give up
Whoa, oh I never give in
And I just wanna be, wanna be loved.
Papa Roach, "To Be Loved"

You, me—we deserve to be loved. I DESERVE TO BE LOVED! I just want to be loved...
Crowley, Supernatural

You need love! I need you, you need me, I love you! Love me back!
Street Preacher, Grand Theft Auto IV

Because Iím pale for you
And I just want to protect you
Come let me be your shield
and hold you till your heart is healed
Because Iím pale for you
And Iíve got your hand in mine
And between us weíll be just fine
Homestuck filk Pale For You, describing morails

But I see how there's some people who fight
Some people fight for love
Just can't quit it
Some people hide from love
They run from it, cause they don't want it
When you got a love and it's good like it should be
Makes you never wanna give it up
Cause you know that some people die for love
And I believe it's true cause I'd do the same for you
— "Fight For Love", by Elliott Yamin

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