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Quotes: The Film of the Book
"The best comment I heard about Starship Troopers was 'Based on the back cover of a book by RAH.'"
Paul Tomblin

"We also have to Hollywood the ending since for some reason we couldn’t have Marke kill Tristan. Instead we have a Grima Wormtongue type guy who wants to sabotage the political marriage. Then we get a Hollywood action movie climax where Tristan kills the traitor proper. Um...yay? Why not make a Scarlet Letter movie now and give it a happy ending? Wait, shit."

"Anne Rice recently took out two-page spreads in Variety and the New York Times to announce that she has seen the film of her novel "Interview with the Vampire," and thinks it is a masterpiece. I don't think we should look for her ad about "Exit to Eden," not even in the classifieds."
Roger Ebert on Exit to Eden

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