Quotes: The Fifties

"Ayyh, remember the Fifties? Remember television, Coca-Cola, and Dick Clark?"

"Only decade in which it was considered cool to be American."

"About as much energy as is now available can be derived from the new sources ó but with a far greater expense in man hours, a much larger capital investment in machinery. And the same holds true of the raw materials on which industrial civilization depends. By doing a great deal more work than they are doing now, men will contrive to extract the diluted dregs of the planetís metallic wealth or will fabricate non-metallic substitutes for the elements they have completely used up. In such an event, some human beings will still live fairly well, but not in the style to which we, the squanderers of planetary capital, are accustomed."
Aldous Huxley, Adonis and the Alphabet (1956)