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Quotes: The Eighties
Push it to the limit
Walk along the razor's edge
But don't look down just keep your head
Or you'll be finished
Open up the limit
Past the point of no return
You've reached the top but still you gotta learn
How to keep it
"Push It To The Limit" aka the most 80's song ever

It was acceptable in the 80s
It was acceptable at the time
Calvin Harris, Acceptable in the 80s

Springsteen, Madonna,
Way before Nirvana there was
U2, and Blondie, and music still on MTV
Her two kids in high school, they tell her that she's uncool
'Cause she's still preoccupied
With 1985
SR-71, "1985" note 

It was nineteen eighty-somethin'
In the world that I grew up in
Skating rinks and black Trans-Ams
Big hair and parachute pants
Lookin' back now I can see me
Oh man, did I look cheesy
But I wouldn't trade those days for nothin'
It was nineteen eighty-somethin'
Mark Willis, "Nineteen-Something"

"The eighties almost killed me
Let's not recall them quite so fondly"
The Hold Steady, "Positive Jam"

"Welcome to the Cafe 80s, where it's always morning in America, even in the afternoo-noo-noon."
Animatronic Ronald Reagan Waiter, Back to the Future II note 

"Oh, you fucking square. It's only a bit of snow. It's nineteen-eighty-fucking-four, dahling."

"You ignorant piece of shock! You've stranded us in the 1980s! Haven't you ever read a history book? This is the worst decade of the millennium!"
Mrs Yorkes, Runaways

Zapp Brannigan: Kif, set course for the nearest XM repair facility. Meanwhile, we shall sing top hits from the Eighties.
Kif: Which Eighties, sir?
Brannigan: For me, there are only one Eighties. (Sings Hungry Like The Wolf while Kif groans).
Futurama, "Into the Wild Green Yonder"

Lou: It's the fucking 80's guys. Let's do what we want to do. Free Love!
Jacob: That was the sixties, dipshit.
Adam: We had, like, Reagan and AIDS. Get the fuck outta here, ok?

"It was a back in a disgusting period known as the early 80s. It was a time when women would stand topless, high on coke, on the edge of hotel balconies while the curtains were billowing around them... I think there was actually more wind then."
Lois Griffin, Family Guy, "And I'm Joyce Kinney"

"The '80s were about acquiring acquiring wealth, power, prestige."
—Political strategist Lee Atwater

"The only joy about that is that I was on the inside looking out and the rest of you had to put up with it. It was the Eighties, glam rock."
Colin Baker on his Doctor Who costume

"Dallas hit a chord back in the late Seventies and Eighties because it was the age of greed: here you have this unapologetic character who is mean and nasty and ruthless and does it all with an evil grin. I think people related to JR back then because we all have someone we know exactly like him. Everyone in the world knows a JR."
Larry Hagman

"For every person who sings the praises of The Next Generation for picking up the long-abandoned Trek baton and running like crazy with it, there'll be another scoffing at the pure '80s wackiness that placed a therapist on the bridge next to the captain, and had an adolescent boy piloting the ship."

"A man could die from so much eighties!"
Bennett The Sage

"Get back to the decade where everyone was rich, and there was no problem too big to ignore!"

"It's the Eight-ies! Do a lot of coke and vote for Ronald Reagan!"
Mike Nelson, MST3K on Hobgoblins

"And here's a couple of things that nobody wanted to think about again: the eighties and your teenage years."
The Nostalgia Chick on Teen Witch

"Everyone walked out of Road House into the sunlight feeling stunned, stupid, a little gay for Patrick Swayze, and wondering idly why they ever thought Duran Duran was a good band. In one day, the 80s were over. Women's hairdos started to make sense once again. Spandex was abolished. The New Kids and Wham! were purged from our cultural memory."

In the first movie, Travolta plays a streetwise kid who likes to dance at discos on the weekend. In the sequel, he's a Broadway dancer who wears scraps of denim and rolls in grease before performances. This was what the 1980s did to people.

"These are the legacies of the 1980s. An economic ideology that fostered profits above all else created a world in which power justifies its own use and the maxim that history is written by the victors becomes a moral principle instead of a cynical observation."
Phil Sandifer, "Mary Whitehouse"

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