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Quotes: The Dulcinea Effect
But I had to do it. If I hadn't pulled the trigger, I couldn't have saved that girl.

Will: She's... She's being chased!
Abbey: No shit, Will. People don't run through dark woods for the fun of it.
Will: We have to help her!
Abbey: NO, we DON'T. Never confuse obligation with desire! We...Yes, Scut, I noticed that he's already left. Keck.

"Of course, they'd only just met, but Galahunk wanted commitment. Galahunk wanted monogamy. And Galahunk knew he'd never find a better catch."
— Narrator, on Galahunk marrying the princess in Paige's story, FoxTrot.

Bun-Bun: Remind me what we're freezing out butts out here for again, nerd-boy?
Torg: Because she might need our help and it's the right thing to do.
Bun-Bun: And because you saw her naked.
Torg: Always a plus.

"She's important to you? Ten seconds ago you didn't even know her name!"

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