Quotes / The Dulcinea Effect

But I had to do it. If I hadn't pulled the trigger, I couldn't have saved that girl.

Will: She's... She's being chased!
Abbey: No shit, Will. People don't run through dark woods for the fun of it.
Will: We have to help her!
Abbey: NO, we DON'T. Never confuse obligation with desire! We...Yes, Scut, I noticed that he's already left. Keck.

"Of course, they'd only just met, but Galahunk wanted commitment. Galahunk wanted monogamy. And Galahunk knew he'd never find a better catch."
— Narrator, on Galahunk marrying the princess in Paige's story, FoxTrot.

Bun-Bun: Remind me what we're freezing out butts out here for again, nerd-boy?
Torg: Because she might need our help and it's the right thing to do.
Bun-Bun: And because you saw her naked.
Torg: Always a plus.

"She's important to you? Ten seconds ago you didn't even know her name!"

Nanoha's seen what's important to her. It's not what these interdimensional bureaucrats tell her is important, and it's not even what her ferret friend tells her is important. It's that she's seen a sad girl, and she wants to make her happy. Even if to do so, she's got to beat the snot out of her first.