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Quotes: The Dev Team Thinks of Everything
"After I got done laughing, I marveled at what is ultimately number two on this list — attention to detail. Let me explain what I mean. Someone creates a quest, and it has a logical progression of steps. The logical response would have been to head to my faction's shrine and take a portal as suggested. The fact that someone had the forethought and presence of mind to not only predict that some players would be peculiar enough to speak to Tak-Tak and expect a flight, but also write a response just in case someone decided to take that highly illogical option is nothing short of genius."

"You have found a secret area. You crazy rocket jumpers!"
Quake 2

"At first, Stanley thought that he'd broken the map, until he'd heard this narration, and realized it was part of the game's design all along."
The Narrator, The Stanley Parable

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