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Quotes: The Complainer Is Always Wrong


Oh, we are the Buddy Bears, we always get along
Each day, we do a little dance and sing a little song
If you ever disagree, it means that you are wrong
Oh, we are the Buddy Bears, we always get along!
— Buddy Bears theme song, Garfield and Friends

"The eye that looks ahead to the safe course is closed forever."
Paul-Maud'Dib, Dune

"The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher regard those who think alike than those who think differently."

Real Life

"Consultants were brought in and we, the folks who were writing cartoons, were ordered to include certain 'pro-social' morals in our shows. At the time, the dominant "pro-social" moral was as follows: The group is always right...the complainer is always wrong. This was the message of way too many eighties' cartoon shows. If all your friends want to go get pizza and you want a burger, you should bow to the will of the majority and go get pizza with them. There was even a show for one season on CBS called The Get Along Gang, which was dedicated unabashedly to this principle. Each week, whichever member of the gang didn't get along with the gang learned the error of his or her ways."
Mark Evanier on Garfield and Friends

SUPERHERO: “I’m trapped! I’ve got to use my superpowers to escape!”

[SUPERHERO tries for, like, thirty seconds]

SUPERHERO: “Well, that didn’t work. Time to resign myself to death!”


"Xavier psychically calls for help from Jean, who alerts the X-Men that he’s in a pitched mental battle, causing Cyclops to immediately turn around and pound the wall while yelling 'How can we fight what we can’t see?!'

For those of you keeping score at home, the total elapsed time between Cyclops finding out what the problem is and then completely giving up on it is 3.4 seconds."
Chris Sims on X-Men, "Xavier Remembers"

"It’s been a long, long time since the Doctor had an unwilling companion, and with good reason. It worked in the very early days because we didn’t know the Doctor very well yet. And even there by the second season Ian and Barbara had essentially made their peace with the Doctor and were OK with traveling in space and time...Once the show reaches a point where the audience unambiguously is on the Doctor’s side and wishes they could travel in the TARDIS a companion who doesn’t want to be there is actively working against audience sympathy. So whenever Tegan visibly hates being on the TARDIS the audience finds itself siding with her altogether too much: we wish she’d sod off too."

"Mr. Comeuppance returns to the bridge. Connie asks her if he managed to find Rennie. A relatively straightforward and pertinent question; let's see if he can respond like a complete asshat! "She's locked safely in her room, no thanks to either of you!" He's still got it! Everyone's so used to his bad attitude they just let it roll off their backs. Best to let him snipe away from the shadows without giving him more things to bitch about. Frustrated that no one will spar with him verbally, MC whines about Sean. "What the hell good are you? He's the son of a captain for chrissakes!" Sean plunks away on his navigation gizmo and finally announces that they're back on course. Now officially out of things to gripe about, MC quivers in uncertainty. His head starts to tremble uncontrollably, racking his brain for something, anything to be negative about. Hurry!! He thinks of something at last! "GOOD!" he says, negating the compliment by making the word sound like it was an involuntary grunt from a man savagely kicked in the balls by Henry Rollins."

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