Quotes: The Cast Showoff

The movie is proud to tell us that Richard Gere does his own coronet solos (they must mention it five times in the trailers and in the opening credits). Donít quit your day job Richard, a second year player could doodle out what you were doing in the movie.
Miles Antwiler on The Cotton Club (1984)

There's the old adage about odd and even-numbered Trek films, but I'll let you in on a secret: it's a bad Trek film when any of the main characters sing.. The only exception is TMP, which has no singing, because that would distract from the boredom.

Oh, no joke or anything, I was in Penzance as the main police officer and it's rare for me to get a chance to sing the music, so I'm just indulging myself.
Linkara, after singing "A Policeman's Lot" in his review of Treehouse of Horror #2