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Quotes: The Bro Code
Ross: I had a thing with Janice. (Chandler stares at him, then bursts out laughing) You're not mad?
Ross: Because, you know, there are rules about this stuff. You don't fool around with your friends' ex-girlfriends, or possible girlfriends, or girls they're related to.
Chandler: I am mad. But you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna forgive you! Because that's what friends do! They forgive their friends when they do everything you just said, all on the list there. But I want you to remember that I forgave you.
Ross: Okay.
Chandler: And I also want you to remember that I let you live here for free.
Ross: (nonplussed) Alright.
Chandler: I want you to remember that I gave you (counts out money) twenty-seven dollars. No strings attached! Now, if you can't remember that, we should write it down - let's write it down!

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