Quotes / The Blank

Renee Montoya: Bite me.
The Question: Can't. No mouth.

Miko: But Soundwave doesn't speak — does he?
Raf: I don't think he even has a face.

"Gimme a face, ya fucking BUTTHOLES!"

The gathered Sabbat howled and descended upon Andy, but Sascha held them back with a gesture. It then passed its hand over Andy's face, burying his mouth, eyes, ears and nose behind a shield of skull-bone and flesh. While Andy twitched and convulsed, suffocating to death, Sascha told the closest Cainite, "Embrace him."
Andy awoke on a garbage pile, his world dark, silent and in raging torment.
Vampire: The Masquerade - Mexico City By Night

Oh dear. You canít see. You canít breathe. Unpleasant, isnít it? Do you submit? You wonít die, you know. No one dies in here unless I want them to. I can keep you like this forever if I feel like it. Forever gasping for breath with a mouth that isnít there.