Quotes / The Adventures of the American Rabbit

"This certainly isn't a good movie; I can't honestly say that I derived a good deal of pleasure watching it. But what's really gnawing at me is just how utterly stupid it is. It's really stupid. Really, really stupid. I know that by "stupid," we tend to mean that the filmmakers don't seem as worldly as us the audience, or even that they underestimated the breadth and depth of our sophistication. If The Adventures of the American Rabbit were stupid like that, then I think that I could begin to understand it. But no, The Adventures of the American Rabbit is stupid in the way that Herzog's red crabs are stupid. It's a living, breathing thing, but it's mindless."
Alex Jackson (complete review here)

"You're telling me that the guys who made Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the guys who made Dragon Ball Z got together, hired some of the best actors that the mid-80s had to offer, and THIS is what we ended up with? I mean, God, it's like they took everything that was awesome from my childhood and just threw it into a blender. That might seem like a nice description at first, but think about it. Take all of your favorite foods: pizza, cheeseburgers, ice cream, root beer, vodka, eel... Now throw them all into a blender and hit 'frappe'. What you end up with is a horrifying and unrecognizable mess that has a distinct hint of familiarity that just makes the experience that much worse. THAT is this movie."