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Quotes: That One Puzzle
First things first, although this poem is about eating a face, it is still referring to the keypad next to the door, which, as you might have noticed, doesn't look a god damned thing like a face.
adarkervision in his guide for Silent Hill 3 on GameFAQs.

Nick: I have seen hell, and it is Silver's ball puzzle.
Josh: I will admit, I will interject here and argue that I did not have much of a hard time with the ball puzzle as some people...say.
Nick: Well, lookie here. Someone's a fucking puzzle expert!
Josh: No, I, maybe I got lucky. I mean, it is a little irritating, but with patience, it's not that bad. I still think his jungle level is way worse just because, there's obviously a puzzle there. But I'm pretty sure I still haven't figured out exactly how you're supposed to do it.
Nick: Well me, I have no patience, so I'm gonna talk about this ball puzzle. I mean, good god....just because you can't have a physics engine in your game, doesn't mean you should have a physics engine in your game. You know what the Half-Life 2 box puzzles were missing? The boxes having giant exploding timers on them, and having giant bottomless pits, and physics that don't realistically work. When you hit the ball, the timer goes down. When it hits the walls or the boxes, the timer goes down. When you let it just sit there, the fucking timer goes down! You can't take your time to finish this puzzle, because the timer can run off on it's own. And it's a bad idea to try to rush through it or get it done in a timely fashion, because one false move can hit the ball into a bottomless pit, or hit the boxes or walls hard enough to take the timer down faster than usual. This isn't fun! This is the shit you use to torture prisoners at Guantanamo Bay!
Josh: .....Wow. That, uh...that was pretty fucking harsh.
Nick: .....Well this is a harsh fucking game.

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