Quotes / Tenchi Solution

(...)(Tenchi) grabbed both of Mihoshi's hands and held them in a soft, gentle, grasp. "It's not that I don't like you. It's just that I'm not the sort of guy that goes around grabbing women's chests and feels comfortable about it. That's the only reason I'm apologizing so vehemently."

The Tenchi Solution: (def.) Being evasive and dodging tough questions when it came to women. Employed at every turn and at all costs when serious female situations arose.

It was a technique Tenchi Masaki had developed like a pro, his mastery the equivalent of a man four times his age and experience. It was a skill that would serve him well once he was married. It also served to get him out of his current predicament by working wonders on Mihoshi. She took a non-outright agreement as a sign that he might actually be interested in her and cheered up considerably.
Vacation Days, Chapter 5, by D.B. Sommer