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Quotes: Teens Are Monsters
I am NOT overreacting! I'M A TEEN-AGER!
Katie Kaboom, Animaniacs

Because, my little artichoke, I'm sixteen and you're ten. DO THE MATH!!!!

Sarah Millican: Kids don't like boardgames. Kids like knives, and... bigger knives.
Charlie Brooker: I fear you're generalising there.
You Have Been Watching, episode 2.6

Just try to imagine...Just imagine...How Little I care and junk.
Trina Riffin, Grojband

"Studies have found that the average age of a terrorist is in the high teens to early twenties. In other words, professional terrorism is a little bit like a rave: If you're over 25, you're either the guy in charge of the club or one of those weird dudes who doesn't realize he's too old to be there."

Yes, the internet is controlled by Satan and is forcing all teens to do crack cocaine. They take shots of vodka for breakfast and sacrifice small animals monthly. They smoke blunts with bits of crystal meth and rape and pillage villages for laughs. They stole my goat, god damnit.
Yahoo Answers answer to the question Are teens showing signs of corruption these days ?

Most of the kids you meet in this job are either possessed by entities from the outer dark, filled with some kind of godly power, or busy trying out the benefits of erotic asphyxiation. Okay, that last one might have just been Bieber when we first picked him up.

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