Quotes / Teasing Creator

"I think I'd like to keep you guys guessing."
Redigit in regards to a series of images he posted on his forum giving glimpses at new items.

Twitter: I still want to believe you guys are sneaky trolls and have something going on you don't tell us yet. Can I get a cryptic reply?
BioWare: The sun, it shines.
Fallout of the Mass Effect 3 ending

"So I checked the website again, got SUPER excited that they updated the cast to include Adam Wright... and then found a picture of cans... This series is EVIL."
bookwormandpoet note  about The Autobiography of Jane Eyre, "An Interview?" - Ep: 11

Man, this DoA strip I just drew, you guys. Maggie put her hands to her face in an ecstatic way.
It's something I've been working on since the very beginning, but am only finally able to actually depict.