Quotes / Taylor Swift

A selection of Swift's quotes:

"Hi, I'm Taylor. I'm 11; I want a record deal. Call me."

"When I was a little girl I used to read fairy tales. In fairy tales you meet Prince Charming and he's everything you ever wanted. In fairy tales the bad guy is very easy to spot. The bad guy is always wearing a black cape so you always know who he is. Then you grow up and you realize that Prince Charming is not as easy to find as you thought. You realize the bad guy is not wearing a black cape and he's not easy to spot; he's really funny, and he makes you laugh, and he has perfect hair."

"Apparently my only way of dealing with a remote control that isn't working right is to bang it on the table and scream 'COME ON!'"

"I still like to live in a whimsical world that seems more romantic and fantasy-related because Real Life seems so hard."

"I'm very conscious of the path that I chose in life."

"Love happens when you're not looking for it."

"Love is fascinating. Wishing for it, pining for it and the anger that comes when you lose it. I used to think that I could figure out some pattern to love, like if you don't text a guy back for a half-hour, he'll like you more. But there is no pattern. Absolutely nothing is predictable in love."

"I want my fans to know I'm just the same girl I was when the first album came out."

[On Speak Now] "I'm just making a new record about the last two years of my life."

[On working with David Copperfield at the 2009 CMA awards] "Working with David was a lot of fun, especially being sawed in half. A couple of my friends were there watching us rehearse the sawing. After David had cut me in two and pushed my halves apart, he invited them up on stage to take a closer look at me and they were totally blown away, because they could see right inside the boxes and see that I wasn't curled up inside the top one. One of them looked at me laying there in two pieces in front of them and said 'Whoa, Taylor - He really has sawn you in half, hasn't he??!!'".

"There's more to life than dating the boy on the football team."

"I love it when people call me a role model."

"You need to be happy with yourself or you'll never be able to be happy in a relationship."

"All you need to do to be my friend is like me."

"I have blonde eyelashes and blonde eyebrows, so my typical insecurity is that My eyes go away when I don't have makeup on. But it's important to be comfortable with who you are and go natural once in a while. It's really something to let someone in and see you completely vulnerable. I write really personal songs and let people in, but usually with my face I have makeup. So it's interesting to get personal and vulnerable for a photo shoot."

"I've always had a very girly style!"

"There are no rules when it comes to love. I just try to let love surprise me."

"It's fine to talk about love publicly. But I think when you talk about virginity and sex publicly, people just automatically picture you naked. And as much as I can prevent people picturing me naked, I'm going to."

"I am living my childhood dream every day."

"You're in a phone relationship most of the time, so if a guy can't deal with that, it's like, ahh!"

"There is a strength in letting bygones be bygones. It was therapeutic to write and perform. Sometimes it's best not to say anything. I just save it for the music."

"People haven't always been there for me, but music always has."

"I never want to change so much that people can't recognize me."

[On the Britney Spears perfume she wore] "The coolest girl in school wore Britney Spears' Fantasy, and I had to copy her."

"Everyone I know has had fair warning! I've always written about who's spending time with me, so if they get into any kind of a relationship with me, they know what they're getting into."

"I'm intimidated by the fear of being average."

"I always try to tell the audience that I really do try to be a nice person... but if you break my heart, hurt my feelings, or are really mean to me, I'm going to write a song about you. Haha. [Picture to Burn] is the perfect example."

"If you listen to my albums, itís like reading my diary."

"I read a very creative rumor this morning saying Iím pregnant, which is the most IMPOSSIBLE thing on the planet. Take my word for it. Impossible."

"My life has been focused on telling a story - hopefully a good one."

"If you're lucky enough to be different, don't ever change."

"I just got back from a five show run on the road. Now I'm sitting in my kitchen... on the counter. Eating cool whip. And trying to think of things to do with my free time. Other than talking to my cat and making playlists of sad songs."

"To be recognized by the Grammys is the ultimate honor."

"I feel like I definitely get along with people roughly 45% more if they know all the words to 'You're So Vain' by Carly Simon."

"So my TV remote is broken- which pretty much cancels my evening plans with detectives Benson and Stabler. And Eames and Goren. And Dr Grey."

"I shouldn't read into the fact that my family got me a new scrabble board (the one that swivels!) & cat treats for Christmas, right? Am I 85?"

"How come no one told me that for 4 hours there was chocolate cake ALL over my face?!? Because you ate it alone, Taylor. You ate it alone."