Quotes: Tastes Like Diabetes

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    Anime and Manga 

Your voice just gave me diabetes for the thirty-fifth time today.

    Film — Live-Action 

Ah, the Weidermann twins. Don't get too close, you'll go into sugar shock
Kate, The Cutting Edge

That's so sweet I could hurl.
Zack, Sky High


I'm so sweet I cause diabetes.
Meade Slaughter, Clint McColloch's Nevada

    Live-action TV 

Why, hello, Carmie-kins! (switches to "Hyde" mode) BLECH! Sometimes I make myself wanna WRETCH!

It's also just sickly, sickly sweet. It's finger-down-the-throat stuff.
Todd Sampson, The Gruen Transfer

    Newspaper Comics 

Strange Lady: Hehwo, widdle puddy tat. Is'm widdle puddy tat a nicey-wicey puddy tat?
Garfield: Excuse me while Nicey-Wicey Puddy Tat takes a barfy-warfy in the grassy-wassy.
Garfield, strip for July 10, 1987


There is such a thing as sentimentality porn.
Mark Kermode, Marley and Me review


So damn cute you choke on all the sappy sweet glucose-ness....
Mary Poppins, Forbidden Broadway

    Video Games 

My guts fill up with pretty tales
Their prissy cuteness never fails
To make me puke, to crush my wits
To rot my teeth and give me fits.

And lemme warn you... They're so cute, they'll give you diabetes — the instantly fatal kind!
Kanji Tatsumi, Persona 4

    Web Animation 

Twilight: This book is from across the sea.
Spike: That's where all those weird ponies and humans live, right?
Twilight: They're not weird, Spike! They're just...
Spike: They're just what?
*Cut to previous-generation ponies*
Twilight: Uh... really... happy...
Spike: They seem too frolicky for my taste...


I think I'm gonna be sick from the sweetness overload.
Rhea Snaketail, Slightly Damned

    Web Original 

The Isolus is a unique creation, a benevolent being that is attacking people because it has empathy for a lost and lonely little girl — but because it is snatching them away in as painless a way as possible and proves to be rather airy fairy in reality, it fails to capture the imagination or generate any tension. It might just be the most vanilla Doctor Who alien of all time, lacking personality or excitement. The less said about the beacon of hope and love that is traveling the streets of London to set the world aflame at the commencement of the Olympic ceremony the better. Doctor Who would revel in tweeness after this episode, but there are few times when I want to actively hurl something at my precious television just to make the injection of pure syrup stop. The Doctor lighting the Olympic flame might just be the worst moment of the Russell T Davies era and one that is masquerading as one of the best. Oh the irony.

Had this not coincided with the suspension crisis so perfectly, of course, it would just be a slightly embarrassing curiosity. But instead it comes when the series is in obvious crisis, in the midst of an extended attack on itself, and, let's be honest, not very good. So for it to come prancing out saying "oh look, aren't I a good little iconic part of children's culture" just leaves everyone wanting to slap it in the face and say "no, you're bloody well not, you're utter crap."

Louis Mayer, the second "M" in MGM, insisted that they get rid of 'Over the Rainbow' because it was too sad, and can you blame him? Just check out some of these lines: 'If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why, oh why, can't I?' or 'Where troubles melt like lemon drops, away above the chimney tops.' Yeesh, don't those lyrics make you want to hang yourself with razor wire above a vat of sharks swimming in lemon juice? No? Weird...

The campfire scene is described as the “heart and soul” of the movie. But most people who watch it would describe it as the colon.

There are many films that are Capra-esque and these films seem to have a more critical eye cast on them. These movies are usually dismissed and its kinda strange. I mean, we pay to have our feelings manipulated in horror movies and in what we refer to as “chick flicks”. I guess the backlash against Capra imitators is how Nancy Kerrigan would describe Disneyland “This place is hokey.” A movie can get so saccharine sweet that you can have the emotional equivalent to a gag reflex. I know most movies deal with unrealistic situations and events, but there are points so sweet and rose colored that we just can’t take it. Capra was a genius at writing so as to make people feel good without jerking them around. There is a reason why we practically name this type of movie as Capra-esque.

Let me just say that I would be less embarrassed if my sister, mother, or Naomi Klein entered my room without knocking and found me with my pants around my ankles and a Victoria's Secret catalogue in one hand than if any remotely sentient organism caught me holding a PS2 controller while this scene played on my television.

What happens when you write a Chinese play is that before you know where you are your heroine has gone cute on you, adding just that touch of glucose to the part which renders it unsuitable for human consumption.
Bring on the Girls! by P. G. Wodehouse and Guy Bolton, on the authors' Old Shame operetta The Rose of China

     Web Video 

That's so sweet, I'm getting diabetes!

Nostalgia Critic: Could you make something with a little more intelligence and charm to it? I mean, this is so annoying.
Stanley: But annoyance is part of my charm. I'm like that cute little puppy that barks a lot, or a unicorn's horn shoved up your ass, or pancreatic cancer.

    Western Animation 

Ugh! How can you watch this?! Its like throwing up rainbows into my eyeballs!
Rigby, Regular Show

Aww! It's all so cute! It makes me wanna hurl.

Brain: Look at these tapes! "It's a Sugary-Wugary Day" by Laffi. "Life's a Rosy-Posy Bed of Honey" by Mary Flewis and Porkchop. The titles alone are enough to make my teeth rot!
Pinky: I'll help you floss!
Brain: I'll help you hurt.
Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain, "A Walk in the Park"

Evil Buzz: You're familiar with Gravitina's gravitational powers? Oh, she's quite a lady.
Gravitina: Thank you, my wuvvy-dovey.
Evil Buzz: No, thank you, my muffin-wuffin.
Mira: I think I'm going to be sicky-wicky.

It's so much easier to destroy cute evil toys - 'cute' makes my teeth hurt.

Talk about sweet. I could throw up!

    Real Life 

...And it is that word 'hummy', my darlings, that marks the first place in The House at Pooh Corner at which Tonstant Weader Fwowed up.

Nixon concluded his speech on a note of self love. Most viewers thought it inappropriate: since no one loves him, why should he? To his credit, he sounded slightly embarrassed as he spoke of the boy from Wittier—a misfire but worth a try.
Gore Vidal, "The Twenty-Ninth Republican National Convention"

I never watch The Dinah Shore Show — I'm a diabetic.
Oscar Levant